Monday, June 1, 2009

Off Kilter

Remember the WIP I showed you last week? Well, I decided that it was just too busy. Not that I didn't finish the top, it's just that I have set it aside. That darn jury is still out. However the jury has decided that Off Kilter should be its name. (Thanks, LindaMay for your input!)
I did have a stroke of genius, or a stroke of something, the other day. What if I made the top with a solid strip instead of a patterned one? It was a 100 watt light bulb moment. So off I went with my friend, Cilla, to AST and picked up a very lovely white Moda cotton. It is not too white and not quite off-white. It's a perfect compliment to the Basket of Flowers charm squares that I had set aside for this project.
Saturday morning, after completing my chores, I escaped to the sewing room and began making the top. It's a simple pattern really. What more can you expect from a simple mind? Nonetheless, it is bright and cheery and makes me happy.

Copyright Karin Kimball Smith 2009

Once I had my pieces cut I began arranging them on the design wall. And arranging, and arranging, and arranging. I arranged right through Mall Cop.
Do you know how many combinations are possible with 36 charm squares? Or 72 halves cut from them? A bajillion, that's how many. I finally decided that I could arrange forever and told myself to just start sewing. Don't look too closely.
It isn't perfect, but I love it. I'm going to back it and bind it in white to allow the pattern to really show off.
What will it be? Oh, I don't know. Maybe a baby quilt, or a wall quilt. I haven't quite decided. But I do know this, it will be finished soon.
Two ideas down, a million to go!
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BlueRidge Boomer said...

OK....i liked the first one...but, this is super duper......i've never used much white fabric...think i'm gonna give it a try.....Remember ..... copyright...copyright!!

Keep the ideas coming!!

Enjoy... LindaMay

Betty said...

What do you mean it's not perfect? I think it IS! Your work is so nice; wonderful idea!

Sherri said...

Love it...and I love the white background!

Lynne L. said...

WIP is cute but yes it is too busy you can't see the design as well. Off Kilter is perfect the design really stands out.