Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Tidy Tip Just For You!

One of the things I liked best about going to Shop Hop last March was the little displays each shop had at their registers. You can always find something cute and useful tucked up by the cash register. It's a quilt shop version of the candy display in a grocery store.
One of the shops had little cards with what they called Bobbin Bikinis attached to them. I thought to myself, "Why, how clever!" They are small stretchy bands that wrap around a bobbin and keep the thread in check. At 5 for $2.75, they were a bit pricey. Enter the dollar store!
After our shock and awe visit to IHop on Saturday, Cilla and I went shopping. Cilla needed some supplies for a class and me, well I never turn down a trip to the dollar store!

Strolling down the aisles to see if there was anything I could use, I spied these little hair bands. Cute, colorful and looking very much like the things I saw at the quilt shop! For a dollar! You would have thought it was Christmas! Cilla and I each bought a package.

As you can see, they fit perfectly on my bobbins. I knew they would. Now my bobbin drawer will never have another spider-web-tangle of thread. Ever! I am so happy. The package comes with sixty little bands. It makes me want to wind bobbins just so I can dress them up!
The next time you're in the dollar store, head to the hair aisle. You never know what useful thing you will find!


Betty said...

That's really funny...I just love these scrunchies. I had a couple of tshirts which were too long; I wrapped these around one corner to gather up all the extra material. I thought it looked okay until some guy asked if I was trying to make a fashion statement. I told him I was just trying to gather all that extra material. Guess I'll just have to have the tshirts hemmed, eh? I like your bobbin idea better...not a fashion statement, just good old common sense.

BlueRidge Boomer said...


I'm on my way to the dollar store.......we also passed these by b/c of the price....!!!!


parTea lady said...

What a cute idea.

Lily Boot said...

that's awesome! The knotty bobbins drive me batty - I'm definitely going to look out for these. Thanks!

Lynne L said...

Thanks for the suggestion.