Saturday, July 11, 2009

Okay, I Cannot Keep This A Secret Any Longer.

My friend Stacy shared this with me a while ago and I'm not sure why I did not pass this sweet website along to you sooner. Please forgive me.
The Missouri Star Quilt Company offers a deal-a-day on their website and there are some sweet deals indeed!
Just last week I got a Louisa charm pack by Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda and an Easy Dresden ruler by Darlene Zimmerman for $6.95 plus shipping. Seriously! And shipping is a flat rate of $5, no matter what you order!
Go visit them now and see what deal they have for today. But be warned- they usually sell out quickly!
Pop by tomorrow for the latest quilts by the Scarlet Strippers and a peek into the S.A.G.A. class. We had a blast!


Becky said...

Thanks so much for sharing that! I just scored a jelly roll for less than 15! And I don't have to wait for an ebay person to decide to ship it. So glad I found your blog today!

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