Monday, September 28, 2009

Easy-Peasy Pincushion

Whip up a bunch of these for quick and easy gifts!
Start with an eight-inch square of your favorite fabric.

Fold in half right sides together and stitch up both sides.

Fold in half the opposite way and stitch seams leaving a one-inch opening
on either side of the previously stitched seams.

Your pincushion should look like this:

Turn inside out making sure to push out the corners.

Fill with your favorite stuffing material. I used raw wool fleece for mine but you can also use polyester batting or even those popular crushed walnut shells.

After filling to desired 'stuffiness', ladder stitch the opening closed.

From two shades of green wool felt cut two leaf shapes, with one leaf slightly smaller
than the other. Stitch a center seam through both leaves.

Attach leaf to pincushion by drawing the thread through
both the bottom and the top of the cushion.

Find some cute buttons and attach them in the same manner, poking through the leaf into the bottom of the cushion and back up. Wind the thread around the top button a few times, take a few stitches through the threads and tie a knot. Clip thread.

And voila! One cute pincushion with its own leaf-shaped needle book!

How easy was that?
* If you would like to make a smaller pincushion, use your leftover charm squares! The result is a perky, three-inch square pillow ready for poking with your favorite pins.


Utah Grammie said...

I don't *really* sew but these are adorable! Great idea :-)

Lynne L said...

Great way to use up your scraps. As usual wonderful idea. Great gift idea.

parTea lady said...

What a great little gift item. I would like to sew some of these with my tea theme fabrics.

Erzebat said...

wonderful idea! how do you feel about crushed walnuts as a filler? I recently learned about it and was wondering how does it do. I see alot of pincushions as gifties for my students at the LQS! thanks! (mauh) Liz

madrekarin said...

Thanks, ladies!
Hi, Liz- I think that the crushed walnut shells make a pincushion a bit floppy which would be fine for something like this. If you need your pincushion to be formed, and to remain so, I would use wool or fiberfill. :)