Saturday, November 7, 2009


That is the word to describe what was shown at strip club this morning! Beginning with the lovely Sandy and her Myopia quilt done with melon as her strong accent color. Oh, my! The photo does it no justice at all. It is beautiful.

This is Lynne's quilt from last month- Southern Comfort. And.....

Her Myopia quilt done in yellow! Oh. My. Gosh. She combined her black and
white strips with a bold yellow and her border is from the Taxi line. Yum.

Rats, I forget this girl's name. :( I'll get it and post it here.
But, she shared this amazing quilt that contains 1400 triangles. 1400, people!

Carol finished her queen-sized Cactus Wreath quilt just in time for Christmas.
Seriously, this is one of my favorite patterns we have done.

Miss Mary, of the ever popular Miss Mary's Charm School shared this Ladyfingers
quilt made with the new, delightful Panache line, done with perfection.

Ack! How did this get in here? This would be my Myopia quilt, done with aqua and red accents. Karen insisted that someone take my camera and take a picture of me. Really. The nice thing about writing this blog is that I get to control what content goes in it. That, and a little photo-editing magic, and all you see is that tiny portion of me- my hand. Bwahahahaha!

The other Karen shared her tiny tissue package covers that she made. They are adorable and would make the sweetest gifts for teachers, bus drivers, the mailman, etc.

She said they only take a few minutes to make, so you could give them to everyone you know.

And now for next month's adventure- Starbright. Sheri Curtis did a wonderful job on this quilt.
(Sorry for the tilted picture. What was I thinking?)

I can actually wrap my head around these stars. They are simple, simple to assemble from four square blocks that combine to make them. And who doesn't like reproduction feedsack fabric? This one is going to be fun. :) Stay tuned..................


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Wish i lived closer...i'd be there with you girls!!


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