Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mini Ironing Board Makeover.

My friend, Amy, shared a little project she had made for her daughter using a mini ironing board from Ikea and I told her I was going to steal it. I finally have.
In my quest for finding a Christmas gift for my friend, Cilla, the thought occurred to me that a tiny ironing board would be a great addition beside her sewing machine while she quilts. I wanted to make it special by changing up the cover and adding a cute, sewing-related word as Amy did.
Quite a few words ran through my head- iron, stitch, I can take the heat, etc. Then the word press entered my brain and it was all over. You see, Cilla is really a Priscilla and what else would a Priscilla have but a tiny ironing board named "Pressilla"?

Is this cute or what?
Too bad there aren't any clever play-on-words that rhyme with Karin.


Jan Hatchett said...

Absolutely adorable!!! Love it.

BlueRidge Boomer said...


Happy Holidays...LindaMay

RosieJo said...

The simpliest things are the best. Now, why didn't I think of that??

karen said...

What a great gift. I have two of these stuck away from my alteration days...I know I need new covers after this. I should be using them and I would if they were pretty!!! Thanks.

Rebecca P said...

That is so cute & pretty at the same time. Great gift.
Did you have a pattern or just make it up?

karen said...

If anyone comes up with a clever play on words for Karen or Karin let us know.... :D

madrekarin said...

One tiny ironing board made for one very big smile.
Rebecca- I just used the old cover as a pattern and went from there. Easy-peasy. :)