Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out With A Bang!

This is it! The last completed strip club quilt of the 2009, and it is just beautiful.
Allow me to share it with you-

Wendy suggested making baby quilts from the strips and that is exactly what Sandy did. They are all so beautiful and different. It's like looking at a candy counter. :) You know I love that blue one!

This is Sis's Myopia quilt. How cool is that? The green is amazing! Her husband happened to mention that he wasn't sure that anyone would want a black and white quilt, except at a funeral. Well, maybe the funeral of a quilter!

Lynne finished her Starbright quilt just in time. She has such a good eye for color.

Someone went to Kathy Tetter's beginning quilting class! Look at this adorable baby quilt!

And Starbright! These are her first quilts, people!

A Christmas cutie from our Stack n' Slash class!

And a twist on the Transitions quilt. You girls are so good. :)

Do I hear a gasp? I'm sure I do! I never tire if seeing what quilts are being made, strip club or not. They are beautiful and as unique as each woman that makes them. But, most of all, you can see all the love that goes into creating each one, stitch by stitch by stitch.

Here's our little Christmas tree, adorned with the tiny spool ornaments and colorful little tomato pin cushions. The pin cushions were easy to make with a circle of fabric drawn up and stuffed and topped with a little cap of a felted green wool sweater. This time of year is perfect for finding 100% wool sweaters at thrift stores. Once they are washed in hot water and dried in the dryer on high, you can cut them apart and use them for all sorts of projects. My stash is depleting so I think a trip to the Goodwill is in order.
Can you believe that I did not grab a shot of the new quilt? I completely forgot to take one as I was decorating the classroom for our employee Christmas party. So, I will be sure to get one Tuesday when I go back to the shop. You are going to love it!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love show n tell. It is fun to appreciate other people's work. What a great group.

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