Monday, December 14, 2009

Silver Thimble Goodness

This past Saturday found the classroom at A Scarlet Thread graced with the presence of Pat Wys of the Silver Thimble Quilt Company. Pat was there to introduce the Silver Thimble Quilt Club to a group of very eager women.

Pat was a joy to listen to as she told us about her life and the beginnings of her quilt design company and, eventually, the establishment of what has become a nationwide quilting club.

With keen wit and an uncanny way of reading the minds of the women in attendance, Pat gave us every little detail of what we will experience during each class time. Just imagine five uninterrupted hours, once a month, of learning new techniques, reviewing some of the tried-and-true- methods and building friendships with women who each share a common bond.
She even confessed that she had caught "Scarlet Thread Fever" while visiting the shop. What is "Scarlet Thread Fever"? It's using bold, bright, juicy colors for quilts that would traditionally be rendered in either soft muted tones or deep, rich colors. Bold and bright is the future, baby!
(But never fear- we can satisfy the needs of those with a more traditional eye.)
Here are the quilts that will be offered during the first quarter of the AST Silver Thimble Club:

Strawberry Pie

White Chocolate

Tic Tacs
Each of these quilts is designed by Pat herself and kits will be available to club members only. But, patterns will be available for the general public. We want you to be able to make something beautiful as well!
If you are a customer of AST, you might want to pop in the shop and reserve a membership for yourself, a little 'Merry Christmas to Me!' gift.
Go on, you deserve it.


Jan Hatchett said...

I sure had fun at the meeting for the Silver Thimble Club. Can't wait for January so we can get started having fun!!!


Karin said...

You will love your Thimbles and the head THimble Pat as she is known in Grayson. (In parevious lives she was known as Sister Superior and the Head Pinhead. I have learned much from her.
Love your store wish it were closer!