Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Sew

Wow! I'm so glad that you like my little treats! Give me a few days to gather supplies and I will post a chocolate cookie tutorial just for you!
The past few days have found me in my sewing room, cleaning. It is not my favorite thing to do but, after having my son home for two weeks sleeping in said sewing room, it needed to be done. (I will say that the mess was totally worth it. I loved having Nathan home!)
One of the challenges of keeping that room clean is to find a use for the scraps that are sent home with me from the shop. I have a huge basket full of them. I tell myself that it is a basket of ideas and creativity. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. Most days the basket just taunts me.
I wasn't feeling very well yesterday, just a sinus headache, but it made me not want to kick up the dust and dirt that had accumulated in there. So, instead, I dug into that basket of scraps and found a bagful from the AccuCut room. The quilt that has been made from this fabric, Lily Pond by Wendy Slotboom for In the beginning fabrics, is absolutely adorable and I thought a small waste-not quilt made from the scraps would be sweet.
I divided out all of the pink-based scraps and trimmed the selvage edges. After that it was all simple-simple- I just grabbed a scrap and then another and began sewing.

If I were the designer-type I would say this came together organically. Bahahahaha! Instead I'll say- "It is what it is."

After laying this large piece out on the cutting board I played with angles and just cut when I found one I thought looked cute. No rocket science here.
I plowed through my stash and found a Heather Bailey fat quarter that worked for borders, sewed more strips together, cut them to 3" to make a stripey border and, voila- A waste-not quilt!

Staying awake until 12:30 AM so I could quilt and bind this bit of cuteness was absolutely necessary. I tried my hand at pebble quilting but, I'm afraid, mine look more like boulders in some places. Still, it was fun and, surprisingly, relaxing. And my headache disappeared!
So, the next time your basket of scraps decide to taunt and tease you, grab a handful and make yourself a waste-not quilt. That'll teach 'em!


Jan Hatchett said...

Your projects are always absolutely adorable! I love them! This quilt is such a little jewel, a touch of springtime during this cold spell. Can't wait to see more!!!

Lynne Leavell said...

I keep telling myself that if I get all of my in process projects completed then my sewing table would be cleaned off to start new ones. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yea that's really working. I'm waiting on the table to fall. Once again good job on the quilt.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Scrappy Happy goodness! Love it.