Saturday, January 2, 2010

Strip Baby- 2010.

Today was the first meeting of the Scarlett Strippers for 2010. We might have been small in numbers but we certainly energized the room!
The Christmas and New Year holiday filled the weeks from our last strip club but, there were a few intrepid women who managed to make a quilt in between buying and wrapping gifts and cheering on the new year.

Deanna used the strips from last month's kit and made a beautiful quilt to give as a gift. The batting is high loft polyester which makes this quilt full of lovely, puffy goodness. It's definitely one to bury yourself under on a bitter cold day. Like today here in Georgia. Brrrrrr.

This is Karen, our newest stripper, sharing the quilt given to her by her mother for Christmas. The blanket stitching around each of the appliques is hand done and the entire quilt is just stunning. Each hand cut piece was done by her father, his last gift to her before his death this past year. It is such a treasure and we were so grateful to Karen for sharing it with us and giving us its history.

Jennifer actually made the strip club quilt for December! Well, she almost finished it. Had it not been for a naughty kitty playing with her fabric, she would have been done for sure. Bad kitty.
I love the red in this quilt- it P.O.P.S. in a very good way. Hmmm, I haven't yet purchased my fabric to complete this quilt.........;)
I forgot to take a photo of the strip club quilt for January. I was packing up the Christmas decorations at the store and left without taking a shot of one very cute quilt. Picture bold blacks and melon-y pinks snuggled up together. Mmmmmm, delicious. I'll post a photo next week after it's been hung in its place of honor.
Until then happy sewing!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Lovely work. It is always fun to see what other groups are doing.