Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grab A Pencil And An Eraser...

How do you design your quilts? Do you use a computer program or do you use basic, simple tools like these?
I use the second option. It rather suits the mechanical side of me, I guess. There's a thrill that happens when I take pencil to paper, draw a line or two (or three or four) and see what appears.
Sometimes it's a bit overworked and the prospect of creating a quilt from a drawing that is too complicated is daunting. But, there are other times when it all works together beautifully and excitement takes over and I have to sew!
That happened yesterday, when I sketched a little pattern and pulled a bundle off my stash shelf. At AST you can buy a bundle of 5- 1 yard cuts that are (gasp!) already coordinated for you!
After planning the cuts I would need and the amounts of each one required to make the quilt, I just plowed ahead and began the process of making a quilt top. I'll say top because, for the most part, that's all I get done. The actual quilting part usually eludes me. But, this one has to be quilted! It is going to go to Haiti, to cuddle and warm a victim of the devastating hurricane that has nearly disabled that country.
I cannot wait to get this done. It is bright and cheerful and will make some sweet child's day brighter. I hope. And it came from the heart, the place from where all good quilts come.
I think that is the best part of designing my own patterns. They are personal and, while they may not be perfect, they come from that place in me where creativity and inspiration swirl about in a whirlpool of love and the desire to make someone happy.
So, grab a pencil, an eraser and a pad of graph paper and draw! You never know what will happen.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I can see things in my head but getting them on paper is a trick. I do like mechanical pencils. I would like a computer program better than I have. Mine is very very basic. But it works for now I guess.

Lynne Leavell said...

I Love to see the things that you create. You can tell that they are very heart felt. I have ideas but getting them from my head to paper is another thing. I hope you never lose your nack for creativity.