Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Saturday Strip Club.

How would you like to say that 5 times fast? We had a great meeting this past Saturday. It was a beautiful morning- bright and sunny, and the classroom was filled with energy as we settled in to share our quilts from last month and to see what we will be making next.
I'm going to switch things around a bit and show you the quilt the strippers will be making for April-

The pattern is called Color Falls and the fabrics are a mixture of watery hues and subtle prints. It is definitely a manly quilt, which is much needed as we usually cater to the more girly side of things. All of the hubs will be very happy when this comes off the sewing machine!
I've decided to change mine up a bit. No hints- you'll have to wait. But, you will not have to wait for the sharing of our March quilts. We made Storm Front by Cozy Quilt Designs and the Blush line from Moda. This quilt went together in a snap, I tell ya. It is the easy-peasiest of the easy-peasy quilts. Mine went together in a day!

Speaking of which, here is mine, hanging in the clothesline in my back yard. It's a big quilt, queen size, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

This is Sharon's cutie- she made the throw size and added the brick border. It is really adorable.

And, with her leftover strips, she made a sweet tote bag! Clever girl.

This gal made a king-sized quilt from her strips. This photo does not do it justice. It's like looking into a chocolate box- everything is just perfect and the whole is very tempting.

You can always count on Sandy to add a little whimsy to her quilts and this time proved no different. She chose yellow and green dotties as her accents and they are spot-on awesome!

Ann came and shared more of her fabulous bags, each one bright and cheery and a gift for a very lucky someone.

My apologies for the blurry photo, but Karen was moving so quickly I had to just shoot and hope for the best! This is a little apron she made for her granddaughter. How cute is that?
So, that was our strip club for April. The girls really had a lot of fun seeing how the new quilt is put together and I could see the wheels turning as they decided how they would add their own signature to this pattern. I hope you'll come back to see them!
Toodles for now. :)


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Cute cute show n tell.

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