Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silver Thimble Club

Just in case you don't know who this girl is, she brought her own name tag to Silver Thimble Club today.

Yep, it Pat Wys, one of the sweetest and funniest women on earth.
This is the bag/name tag that she made for the Sweet Thimbles Bus Trip to Paducah.
One day, I will take that bus. It looks like those ladies had the very best time!
One thing I love about when Pat comes to visit is that she is willing to jump in and help the club members, like Shirley.

Shirley is making a quilt for her pastor in Florida and she was having trouble deciding upon the color for the sashing in her sampler quilt. It's Pat to the rescue, who placed all the options up on the design wall and garnered the opinions of everyone in the room. Perfect! Red became the chosen sashing and, I can tell you, it is going to be beautiful. What a sweet labor of love for someone special.

The classroom is always humming with activity, chatting and, when Pat is involved, bursts of laughter!

You cannot help but be awed by her. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with everyone. Like how to make a perfect mitered corner on your binding. Want to know the trick? Come join us! It's pretty dang awesome and oh, so simple. One of those, "Why did I not think of that?" things.

As we do in Strip Club, there is always time for show and tell in STC. This is Pat Robinson, and she shared some of the most beautiful quilts that she has made.

This is her doll quilt that she made for her swap partner. L.O.V.E. everything about it. Hand-dyed fabrics, fab color combinations, it's tiny- just beautiful.

This needle-turned applique quilt was made for Pat by a dear friend. Sweet, primitive, perfect country colors. What a wonderful friend!
The next two quilts are needle-turned applique as well, but made by Pat. I wish you could see them up close. The handwork is absolutely incredible, almost as though each applique is actually part of the fabric.

Wouldn't you love to have this patriotic beauty hanging from your porch for Independence Day? I would.

This is the back of one of the quilts. Can you see those tiny stitches? Just incredible!

So, now you know what you've missed by not being a part of the Silver Thimble Club! All is not lost, however! You can still come join us for the next quarter- July, August and September!
You will learn more than you ever thought possible, laugh, chat, share and make new friends.
I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday or Saturday afternoon than one with Pat Wys and the Silver Thimble gals. Really.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by quilt gals. I feel like I've found my groove when I'm with my quilty gals. It is like a great feeling of belonging. I like that quilt Pat's friend made for her! Wonderful.

Pat said...

oops - there is a slight error regarding the quilt tops that I brought in for Show 'n Tell.

The row by row quilt with the birds was made by me. The next quilt in the photos was made by a friend and given to me. The Lady Liberty quilt was made by me.

Attending Silver Thimble Quilt Club is a blast! Pat Wys keeps us "in stitches".

ATS is a GREAT shop and everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to the second Saturday of every month so I can attend the club.

Barb said...

Ohhhh how fun, I would have loved to have been there!!