Saturday, November 13, 2010


Sorry, there are no photos to accompany this post. Why? Because I left my memory card in my home computer. But, that doesn't mean this post will be boring. No, sir!
Last night was the first Sewing With the Stars event at AST. We had a blast! Pat Wys (I just love her!) stayed to play after Silver Thimble Club finished, so you know we had tons of fun.
Everyone brought their sewing machines and a project to work on. There were quilts and Christmas stockings, bags and other porjects being made and shared. I sat with Krista in the "handwork" corner. She was hand quilting a beautiful wall quilt (or maybe it was a table runner) with appliqued orcas and I, well, I brought my knitting. I think they should change the name to Stitching With the Stars, then I could bring my knitting and not feel guilty.
We chatted, sewed, oohed and aahed over everything, laughed and relaxed. Ah, yes, relax. There's a word that's not in my vocabulary much lately but, last night, I did just that. I'm sure the company had much to do with it as well as the rythmn of the needles as I worked a simple garter stitch row after row after row. It was a lovely thing to find myself being lulled into a state of comfort and bliss.
If you ever find yourself in need of a little unwinding, gather together with a bunch of friends, work on a project or two and chill. It's just what the doctor ordered.

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Diana said...

I'm just easing in to sewing (I really enjoyed my class with Laurie), but I usually have a knitting or crocheting project in progress. I'd love a catch-all stitching with the stars!