Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hangin' Out.

One of the challenges of the new shop is the dearth of wall space which means that we had to get creative with how we hang the quilts. Luckily for us we have a suspended ceiling with lots of grids to hang things on!

 If you've ever been to visit you know that we like to make things pretty and fun. What we hang the quilts on had to fit in these two categories and I think we hit the mark with the flower pot finials on the end of white fluted curtain rods.

These were extremely easy to make- I painted a four inch terracotta pot and matching saucer black, then added big white polka dots. Using a masonry bit, I drilled a hole in the center of the saucer to match the pot. The curtain rod had a sweet little predrilled hole so all I had to do was place a washer on a screw, put them through the hole in the pot and tighten the whole thing up! The pots were then filled with floral foam and stuffed with red hydrangeas and the whole thing was hung with a polka dot ribbon! They add just the right touch of whimsy and give us lots of places to hang quilts. Lots of quilts.
I wish I had a grid ceiling at home. ;)

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