Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Whole Load of Awesome!

Hooray! Today is strip club day!
The strippers put on quite a show on this rather rainy, gray morning. So, without further ado, here are the quilts! (Because I know that's what you really came here for.)
First up? The darling Miss Barbara with a fab version of Samurai Squares. Don't you love that deep aqua?

 Jennifer, sporting a cute, new hairdo, made this little gem for Project Linus. I know the child that receives this quilt will smile from ear to ear. It's adorable.

 And her Samurai Squares is done in a perfect-for-Spring yellow and green! Well, done, Jennifer!

 Stephanie's quilt made us swoon with her yellow and gray version. Y.U.M.

 Angie went bold with a striking blue and white combo. It's just lovely.

 And look what she made in Sherrie's beginner machine applique class- a little napping pad for her kitty, Cheddar! Such a lucky cat.

 Today was definitely a red letter day for Sandy. She has completed all 33 strip club quilts! Count 'em-


 Three. Her gray scale Samurai Squares finds her all caught up.
YOU are the woman!

So, what happens when you haven't been able to visit strip club for a while? You get to share LOTS of quilts.
Cilla is showing off her Star Struck quilt. It makes me want to snuggle up in front of a cozy fire!

 And her lovely, soft Beach City Blooms!

 And her lively Picture Frames quilt. Plus.......

 Her adorable Snowbound applique quilt. This pattern was offered free as a block of the month last year by Anne Sutton, of Bunny Hill Designs. It is now a for purchase pattern with the proceeds being donated to the Humane Society. But, never fear! Anne has something new up her sleeve!

 It's Henrietta Whiskers and it is a cute as can be! Take a peek below-

 To finish off her own personal quilt show, Cilla shared her Samurai Squares made with a delicious lemonade yellow background.

 So, what do you get when you wait until the last minute to make your strip club quilt?

 One slightly cranky quilt maker. I started mine at 7:30 last night and went to bed at 4:10 AM. I'm way too old for that sort of night owl-ness.The bags under my eyes came complete with carry on luggage. Good night above!
But that did not prevent me from snapping a photo of next month's strip club quilt!

Here it is- Rising Star made with Tanya Whelan's Delilah.

 It really is the perfect selection for the onset of Spring. Soft, gentle, soothing colors evoking the tender buds of blossoms soon-to-be.
If you need a little reminder of how these blocks go together, here's a few photos to jog your memory.

 We can't include every step, of course, but this should help you as you get ready to make your quilt.

Just don't wait until the night before to get it done. Trust me.


Lynne Leavell said...

Very nice job one and all. Karin even yours looked good for as long as you were up.

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