Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bring, Brag and Breakfast Club!

We love when our customers bring in things that they've made. It just makes our day!
 Rosilind made a beautiful tote bag out of the scraps she chose from our scrap baskets. Scraps, people! 
Super adorable. 

Linda ( back to) brought her Picture Frames quilt to finish. She embroidered phrases from children's church songs around the inner border. Simply perfect.

Last Thursday, the Cherokee Rose Guild from Douglasville, Ga, came to see the shop and do a little shopping. After getting the full tour from Angela, they shopped until they dropped.

It was a little busy while they were there, but we had a great time!

Seeing double? No, there are twin sisters in the guild! How cute are they?

You can't see him but there is actually a man, Charlie, holding up his quilt that he made from the fabulous Kiyomi fabric. This is seriously gorgeous. But, wait! There's more!

Look at this. Is this not amazing? Stunning! Really, this photo does not do it justice.

Equally as beautiful is Jeurice's batik compass quilt. Here she is standing in the Batiki Lounge with her husband, Charlie. (Not the one from above.)

This morning, Sherrie and I co-hosted Breakfast Club. Barb came armed to share her Pumpkin and Pecan Waffle table runner.  It's just lovely.

Here's the whole crowd working diligently on their projects.

Mary is never without her Klutz glove, a great way to save your fingers from that nasty sharp rotary cutter.

This was Jane's first visit to Breakfast Club. Notice there is no sewing machine in front of her. That's because..

she hand-pieces her quilts. What a hero.

Every stitch perfectly executed,

creating a perfect whole. That is absolute green goodness.

Barb carefully attached her Angler 2 to her sewing machine. 
No chance for her not making perfect half-square triangles!

Carolyn, a visitor from North Carolina, brought some handwork to do while her daughter, Beth, quilted. We were fascinated with her project- Swedish or Huck weaving.

Look at how delicate this is- so pretty.

Who is this smiling girl? Beth, who just mastered a mitered corner on the border of her Shadowbox quilt. 
Yay, for Beth!

One of my favorite people and superb quilter, Harriette, with her cool blue Granny's Granola block.
One day I will be able to match up my points like she does. One day.

Mary has been making quilts for Soldier's Angels. This quilt was made as a request from a friend at her church. The camouflage pieces, including the pocket, are from his uniforms worn during Desert Storm. The quilts Mary makes will be going to Germany, to injured soldiers. What a beautiful and touching gesture on her friend's part, as well as Mary's. You can find out more about this project here.

Finally, Mary shares her finished Granny's Granola block.

Oh, no! Can you believe that I didn't take a snap of Sherrie's Pinwheel Puffs quilt for next month? Come back tomorrow and I will share it here. Oy! What was I thinking?

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Lynne Leavell said...

As usual beautiful work by all. Once I get some things caught up I will try and return to Breakfast Club. Great work all.