Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Us on the Patio!

We're having a sale and someone had to give up a lot for it to happen. This photo says it all! We pried bolts of fabric from Angela's hands- over 600 of them!- to bring you this amazing sale. Read Karen's e-mail below to get the details!


There's a HOARDER in our midst!!!

I would have never believed it...but our very own Angela is a hoarder! A fabric hoarder that is! I was told by our decorator that due to the excessive amount of fabric that we have on order from market, we won't be able to shelve it if we don't do a little thinning out. So off we went with a list of fabrics to interview for mark down. After we pulled tons of bolts off our showroom floor, we had an idea to visit our workroom where Angela stores bolts of fabric she’s using for kits & bundles. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Karin, Angela and I started pulling fabric from her "stash" and before we knew it we had 600+ bolts of fabric to go into our sale!!!
Thus, the PATIO SALE is being planned! Be here this Wednesday thru Saturday (5/25-28/11) and step out onto our patio for the sale of the year! All these beautiful fabrics are priced at $6.99 per yard (1 yard min cuts) and if you buy 10 yards or more...get it for just $5.99 per yard! That's 10 yards of fabric for just $59.99...you can't beat it! (All flannels are $3.99 per yard) The selection is incredible, and Angela is crying because her shelves are totally empty! So be here with your piggy bank (and a tissue for Fabriella) and take home a ton-o-fabric for just a little moo-la!
 Can you believe this? It's so awesome! 
Search under your sofa cushions, empty your husband's pockets,  dig through your purse, count your pennies and head on over to AST for this huge event! And you might want to give Angela a little hug while you're there. She needs a little cheering up.

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