Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Four Ring Circus!

Saturday stared off with a bang as our own Angela, aka Fabirella, donned her cheesy fab moustache and top hat to become the ringmaster of the AST Four Ring circus! There were four events scheduled that day- Strip Club, Anita Goodesigns Diamond Club, Toy Time with Barbara Brooks and Crazy Curves with Barbara. I hope you were there to be a part of the craziness!

 She had every detail planned, down to the Prize Table with baskets of goodies for everyone that attended Saturday's events. How did you get a prize? Each event gave you a ticket that you could redeem at the end of the day. There were some awesome goodies in those baskets!

 The barker's call went out promptly at 8:30 and the crowd quickly gathered!

 No circus is complete without a side show or two. The strippers did a great job of entertaining us with their quilts made over the past month. Let's take a peek through the tent flaps:

 Angie the Mad Stitcher is up first with her beautiful All Stars quilt. Gor-geous!

Have you been to Breakfast Club? We have the best time. You just can't beat the eating-chatting-quilting combo! This is Angie's Pumpkin and Pecan Waffles quilt from last month. We'll be making Granny's Granola in May. You should join us!

 It's been a busy month for Jennifer, that's why her quilt tops are almost finished. This is her Rising Star quilt and it is going to be a stunner!

 And her just-about-done All Stars. I love that mustard-y background! So cool. 

 This little stripper almost didn't bring her quilt to share but her husband talked her into bringing it along. Well, we sure are glad he did! Love the flow of color in this quilt! Job well done!

 Isn't it amazing how you can take the same pattern and, by making your own fabric choices, make a quilt look completely different? Same pattern, same strips yet Stephanie's dreamy All Stars is all her own!

 And now for something completely different- Look. At. This! Stephanie's Crazy Curves she made 5 years ago. It is so spot on (pardon the pun)! Every jaw in the room dropped when she opened up this beauty and then they all wanted to take the class later in the day with Barbara!

 Don't you love the pink in the background of this stripper's quilt? It gives it such a soft, romantic feel. Lovely.

You would never know that this quilt was made in the Beginning Quilting class! Seriously, we have some of the most talented customers! We offer three beginning quilting classes, with awesome teachers, so you can be sure to find one just for you!

 Angela and Sherrie Curtis shared these fabulous appliqued quilts that Sherrie whipped up in her spare time! (Sherrie is also one of our Beginning Quilting teachers.) Using Zebra Patterns line of floral banners,

 you could make one for your own front porch. Or make all of them! Your neighbors will be so jealous.

 I just love when Miss Barbara comes to visit. She is just the sweetest gal. These blocks were made by her mother, by hand, with bits of this and that. The red Dresden Plate is picture perfect and this-

the little Pickle Dish is darling. What a treasure to have! Thank you for sharing them, Barbara!
Once Strip Club is over, it's a mad dash into the shop to snatch up leisurely shop for the background, accents and borders for May's Strip Club quilt. 

 Colleen came in last week to choose hers. She walked the store, bringing bolts back to the fabric line, and made her choices. Before anyone knew what she was doing Saturday, she had her fabrics in hand, cut and bought in a jiffy! What a clever duck.

 Speaking of next month's quilt, here it is:
Pieced by Sherrie Curtis and quilted by Wendy Woodruff.

The fabric is Summer Breeze by Moda and the pattern is Harvest by Cozy Quilt Designs
both available at the shop.
So, what classes will you be taking in May?

PS- melamiller789 we're still waiting to hear from you so we can get your giveaway prize in the mail! Please e-mail us at with your mailing address and we will get it right out to you!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I've been missing my group so this display of quilts is fun to look at for me without having to leave my house!

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