Sunday, May 22, 2011

So, I Was Looking at the Moda Website........

and I found Ken and Karen saying, "Cheese!" in the Moda photo booth at market! How cute are they?

(If they see this, it might be my last blog post. lol)
Remember how I said we love it when customers bring in their quilts (and other things) to share? 
When they do I make a mad dash for my camera to document their success. 
This is Karen's beautiful blue Blooming Nine Patch. It is really gorgeous.

This is Alex. Alex quilts. Alex quilts very well. We love Alex.

His red and blue Diamond Light quilt is super-de-duper spectacular!

See that smile? One comes with every quilt he makes. :) 
Another reason we love Alex. 
Don't forget- when you make a quilt, bring it into the shop to share. I'll take your photo and post it here on the blog. You'll be famous!


Splinters and Threads said...

BEAUTIFUL quilt Alex!!

Alina said...

Thanks for sharing. I love your photos. Karen and Ken, you guys look cute in the picture. And fabulous quilts!