Friday, May 20, 2011

What if you hosted a giveaway....

and the winner never responded with their mailing information? Well, you would walk by their prize, all neatly packaged and waiting for them every. and be sad. Very sad.
We're going to give the winner until Monday, May 23 at noon to respond or we will have to drag Lady Flora out of Cluckingham Palace once again to draw a new winner.
Please, don't make us do it.


Pat said...

That's really a shame. (I hope it's not me...we've had a family crisis...still ongoing and I've not been online much, but I have checked emails.) Hope the person who won comes forward soon. If not, we can pretend it's me and I'll be happy to send MY mailing info. LOL

Alina said...

Talking about giveaway, I totally forgot about it. I hope that the winner is not in Alabama; we had lost power for almost a week, some worse.

By the way, I really miss you guys, cannot find another quilt shop like you in the area!