Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Meet, Greet and Retreat Event!

Were you there? Oh, my goodness! We had the best time!
For what, you ask? AST's very first Meet, Greet and Retreat reception.
It. Was. Awesome.

There were lots of our AST friends in attendance.

Who noshed on some delicious hors d'oeuvres..

Really delicious hors d'oeuvres.

And then we got down to the nitty gritty of the day- talking about the first ever
AST Quilter's Retreat on July 22nd and 23rd.
Just to make sure every one was paying attention, we threw in a few door prizes. We didn't even know what the prizes were! They were a big secret except for the grand prize which was a sewing machine cleaning by Ken! Carol Miller was the lucky winner of that prize!

Well, that got their attention!

Although, Andy Taylor just didn't quite get what all the hoopla was about.

The main reason for the reception was to inform you about the Quilter's Retreat. Silly us! You must have already known how good is is going to be because it is full, full, full! Not one space left!
Mary, who will facilitate the retreat, filled everyone in on the need-to-knows like what you'll have for breakfast and lunch; that you can bring all of your UFO's and get 'em done; the fact that if you run out of something during the retreat, the shop is right there for you during business hours and that you'll be sewing with some of the best people in Georgia!

The wallflowers (aka our club teachers) wait for their turn to share what they love about the clubs at AST.
Hey, there's Mary again!

This is her Christmas style Stashbuster's Club quilt for July! Don't you want to come make one?

And here is the quilt for August. The pattern is called Suagr Bowl and it is adorable. I need a stash so I can come to Stashbuster's! 

Here's Sherrie and me chatting about Breakfast Club! Boy, do we have a good time. If you have ever come to sew with us you know that Sherrie always has her quilts pieced, quilted, bound and out of the oven and mine are still in the mixing bowl. I just like to make you all feel good.

Sherrie pulled this beautiful Christmasy version of Raspberry Crepes out of the magic oven for July.
Beeeee-utiful! Oh, and if you come join us, Angela is making the crepes! How cool is that?

What? Mary again? This is her Darcy quilt done in 3 Sister's Grace Christmas line. This little charmer is for the July Schnibbles and Bits Club!

And here's Happy Daze, the quilt for August. There's two versions- one with pinwheels and one without so you get to choose which style you want to make. Easy-peasy or a bit more involved.

This is our newest club teacher, Jennie Weaver of our Sassy Scarlets. She is a doll and an absolute bundle of energy! Pictured above is the June/July quilt, Hanky Panky! Do you remember I wrote about it a few posts ago. You know, the one where I made all my stinkin' blocks backwards?

If you loved Hanky Panky, then you will really love Trees for Sale, the August/September quilt. It uses a freezer paper method and is just. so. cute.

This is October/Novenber's quilt. Ack! I can't remember the name of it! Let's just call it A-mazing! 

Once we finished our parts, there was still more to do! Everyone made their way to sign up for the clubs of their choice where they received a $10 Club Cash coupon for each one they signed up for. $10 to use on anything in the shop! See, it pays to come to events at AST!

Jennie offered a door prize for anyone who signed up for the Sassy Scarlets and Nancy was the lucky winner of a handy sewing organizer to keep by her sewing machine! Congratulations, Nancy!

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of our Feature Teacher- Laura Coons! Laura has designed our newest bundle patterns and they are just beautiful! Each one was created using EQ7 and Laura will be teaching a class on how to navigate your way through it in July! (Yes! I so need that class.) She will also be offering a free class on her new Mission frames pattern. You will not want to miss it!

Come back by next week when I will devote an entire post to this sweet, talented girl.
She's the bee's knees.

Many thanks to Angela, Mary and Karen, for organizing such a fabulous event! It was great!

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Lynne Leavell said...

I have to say the Meet and Greet was just great. I had the best time even Mike had a good time. I tried recruting some to Strip Club. I have already signed up for the retreat in October. Again great job everyone who had a part in the Meet and Greet.