Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sparkle of Peggy Barkle.

Do you ever meet somone and instantly like them? That's how I felt meeting Peggy Barkle last Saturday. She is so nice, so calm, so talented, so gorgeous, so nice. Wait, I said nice twice. Well, that's because she is!

While I was in the classroom taking photographs, Peggy asked each of her students, individually, how long they have been quilting and what they love about it. And then, she listened. In fact, everyone listened over the background hum of their sewing machines working on the Curvaceous Cabins they had come to make.

Everyone who came loved this class. Productivity was high as was creativity!

Lynn's lovely Asian-inspired cabins.

Shirley making sure every cut is just so.

Busy, busy, busy.

Everyone's blocks came together perfectly.




Time for me to go so these girls could finish what they started!

We have two more classes being taught by Peggy this Fall-

(Just click on the link and then change the calendar to the appropriate month.)

You'll want to be there!

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