Monday, October 3, 2011

Strip Club Saturday

A chilly Saturday in Georgia? Yes! At last! Of course, there's nothing better to do on that kind of morning than to go to strip club! Here's a shot of our strippers-

and from the other side. We have such a great group!

First order of business was show and tell. Ann shared her Take 5 made in beautiful lavenders and greens. I love how soft and gentle this quilt is. 

She also made this beautiful embroidered Santa banner! If it's missing after Christmas, I'd start looking for it in the North Pole, Ann! 

Ginny finished her Braidworks quilt and it is gorgeous! I love how the cream shows off all the colors. 

Here's our newest stripper, Kris! He wowed us with his show and tell quilts. First up is a batik Fractions by the Row quilt. It's amazing! You should see the back- it's as perfect as the front!

And, a very cheerful Twister quilt made with a Just Wing It! layer cake and a stripe from our clearance area. It's. Just. Awesome. Welcome to Strip Club, Kris!

What's this? Another Twister quilt? Yes! Angie's son chose the fabrics for this one. Didn't he do a great job? 

Angie is always bringing cute stuff. This is an Amy Bradley wall hanging called Have a Happy, Scrappy Day!
The little yellow kitty is Angie's cat, Cheddar. 

How about her Trees for Sale quilt? I have loved every single one that's been made. Gee, I should finish mine. Maybe then I will love it. ;)

Angie took the Twisted Bargello class with Peggy Barkle and just look at how her quilt turned out! Oh, my gosh- it's stunning! 

Georgianne came armed with a new tote bag made with a Catkin panel. Did you know she designs her own patterns? And guess what! Georgianne is going to be teaching a bag class early next year! How awesome is that?

Stephanie's beautiful Braidworks quilt made with yummy cocoa browns. Can't you see yourself cozied-up under this on a cold Autumn night? 

I love how Jennifer just plows into a project. She took Debbie Coursey-Prah's paper piecing class and made this fab Snail's Train block. Look at how perfect it is! 

Her Trees for Sale is done! Jennifer used Wintergraphix by Jason Yenter for her quilt. It's so pretty. 

You can hardly see her, but she's all smiles with her Braidworks quilt. The red looks really nice, Jen. :) 

Barbara was in last week's Pepper Cory string-pieced quilt class. (Say that 5 times fast!) You can tell she had a lot of fun in that class! Her little quilt is positively delightful, just like Barb!

Lynn is our other over-achiever (in a good way!) I just don't know how she gets everything done!
This is a little place mat that she made for her daughter. Sweet! 

Lynn also took Pepper Cory's string-pieced quilt class and made this knockout. And, she just started quilting in April- of this year. I know, I know......

The adorable Sandy shared her Show Me Your fat Quarters quilt that she made during our September retreat. She does the most lovely work. Have you been to one of our retreats? You must! They are so much fun! October's is full but there is still room for our January retreat. You must join us. 

Ack! Who is this? Oh, it's me. This is the Itty Bitty Twister quilt I made for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. I kitted out an Ikea doll bed with a fluffy mattress, homemade linens and this quilt. It nearly killed me. Those little blocks are 1 inch square! Are you kidding me? But, it was fun to make. 

After show and tell, Sherrie guided us through the pattern for October's strip club quilt. She does such a great job giving us all the tips and tricks that she used to make the sample. Wanna see it? 

This months' quilt is called Love and Comfort. Made in soft, pretty pinks, it is our nod to breast cancer awareness. If you have a friend or family member who's life has been touched by this terrible disease, you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Why not stop by and pick up a strip set and a pattern and give someone you cherish a little Love and Comfort. You'll be happy you did!


Lynne Leavell said...

As usual great job by all.

Nicole said...

What lovely works!

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