Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Treat and Retreat Weekend.

The shop has been bustling all week! 
Wednesday morning found the Breakfast Club girls gathered in the classroom to make Denver Omelets. Yum- both for the food and the quilting! We had fun. Marge showed us the progress she has made on her Raspberry Crepes. quilt. She chose to make the queen size so it might be a while before she finishes it! 
Not to worry, our last meeting is Breakfast Club Leftovers and we'll be finishing off any UFO's in our project box.

Barb finished her Blueberry Garden table runner in super cheery batiks. Cute, cute, cute! I think Barb has finished most all of the Breakfast Club projects. I wonder what she'll work on next month? It doesn't really matter as long as she brings those chocolate cheesecakes again. ;) 

This sweet Easy Stripe table runner is a birthday gift for a friend. I can't tell you which friend because that would spoil the surprise!

I don't know how I missed taking a picture of Rose, Barb's friend. Oh, wait! Yes I do- my camera battery died right after I took pictures of these adorable house blocks! Rose made the mobile home, the Waffle House, the bird house and....

the igloo and the lighthouse! How cute are these? It's part of a block swap with some of her friends. Lucky friends! My fave? The Waffle House, of course!

Thursday morning found the classroom filled with quilters anxious to begin making their Circular Bargello quilts with Peggy Barkle! yep, she came back to guide these brave women through each step. She says it is really very easy- it just looks hard. I'll let you judge for yourself:

Georganne and Peggy pondering color placement.

Harriette's strips stacked in piles after being cut into wedges.

Questions? Peggy has all the things you need to know tucked up in her brain. And, she's really good about sharing!

Insert the hum of multiple sewing machines here.

and here.

And the sounds of wheels turning here. Lots of wheels turning.

Ack! I forget whose strips these are.

So, what happens to cheeky Faberellas when they take your photo and plaster it all over Facebook? They get their picture taken randomly and placed on the blog. Ahahahahaha!

Back to the bargellos. Lynn's on the table and.....

Lynn's on the wall. Scrumptious.

Harriette's on the wall. In less than one day, this is what was produced. Amazing!

Pat's gorgeous bargello. It is just divine.

Lynne's citrus-y beauty made in oranges and greens. Yumaliscious.

Some of those taking Peggy's class joined us for the October Quilter's Retreat. What is Quilter's Retreat? Two fabulous days of nothing but chatting, sewing and munching! Serious chatting, sewing and munching.

Mary facilitates the retreat, offering guidance when needed. She also does a bang-up job of checking people in and making sure they get their treats! This month's is an AST Quilter's Retreat luggage tag. It's super cute. And only for retreaters. Now, don't you want to come?

The girls from Florida get settled in at their table. They call themselves the F.A.R.T.S. Yes, they do. It stands for the Fabric Acquisition Road Trip group. I think the "S" should stand for sisters. You can tell they are all great friends.


Show offs! Carol stands proudly next to her latest quilt. I think it's pretty sweet, don't you?

I could not resist taking a few shots of the sewing world's unsung heroes- pins. What would we do without them?

They are just so darn cute.

And, apparently, prolific.

Kris spent her birthday at retreat and Mary made sure that she had Happy Birthday sung to her and received a little present from the shop. What a great way to spend your birthday!

The other Kris came by to show us his latest quilts, because he will not be able to come to Strip Club next month. He just bought a house! It's going to be full of quilts in no time. Like this sweet Mary Engelbreit Christmas quilt.

And this stunning back and white quilt made as a block of the month from Quilts and Fixin's.

And, his Love and Comfort quilt from last month's Strip Club. It is gorgeous. Hmm, who chose that pop of raspberry? :)

So, there you have it. A week at AST all tied up in one tidy photo-filled package. Don't you want to come and join in on the fun? You can- just click here and peruse our calendar to see if there is a class that will suit your fancy. I'm sure there is.


Lynne Leavell said...

What a wonderful weekend of sewing it was. My circular bargello was put to bed after a couple of mistakes were made Friday Night. I hope to finish it soon. The rest of the weekend was great. A lot of ideas was shared, a lot of food was eat and a lot of socializing. Great time. Ready for January's retreat.

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