Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do You Know the Kolache Man?

I call this the survival photo because it was taken as we were leaving Market on Monday! We had such a good time but, boy, was it hard work. Trying to see everything, keep our thoughts straight, remember to go back to the vendors we thought had "the thing" for you well, it was a bit daunting. But we think we found some really cool stuff that will get your creative juices flowing! 

Of course, all of that work requires some serious fuel to keep us going. Right around the corner from our hotel was this place:

Oh. My. Gosh.

This is a kolache. Deliciously sweet bread dough wrapped around a savory filling or topped with a sweet one.Wanna hear something a little disturbing? Between the four of us we ate 45 of them while we were in Houston! We ate them for breakfast every day and, on a couple of days, brought some along for our lunch! Oy. 

Egg and potato, ham amd cheese, sausage and cheese, sausage, jalapeno and cheese, fruit, cream cheese- you name, they make it! Kolaches for everyone! Especially us. 

In line, waiting our turn. It looks like Angela is dreaming of kolaches! Hmmm, which one did she choose?
Sausage and cheese! 
So, now you know how we made it through market- lots of bread and meat!
Oh, and doughnuts. Because when we weren't at the Kolache Factory, we were at Shipley's eating their kolaches and homemade buttermilk doughnuts.

Houston, we loved ya but you were oh-so-bad for us! I hope that by next year someone has built a salad-for-breakfast place!
Come back tomorrow to see photos of market! It was much better than the food.


Miz Karen said...

Kolaches are the best. I've been making them (sweet and savory)for years....but now we have a bakery in Stockbridge that makes kolache called "Flour Power".

madrekarin said...

Thanks for the heads up but, after last week's adventure with kolaches, it will be a while before I venture out to find them in Stockbridge. ;)