Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hi, Linda! Hi, Wendy!

What's the story, Morning Glory? What's the tale, Nightingale? 
Have you heard about A Scarlet Thread?
Hi, Laurie! Hi, Cookie! What's the story, Morning Glory? What's the word, Hummingbird?
Have you heard about A Scarlet Thread?  
They have awfully good news!
When you hear it you'll cry!
Now hold onto your hats- here's the what and the why!
(Pardon my nod to Bye, Bye Birdie!) 

Here's the scoop- A Scarlet Thread
  is going to be in the Spring/Summer issue of Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine! 
I know! Can you believe it?!? It such awesome news and we are all very excited! Well, who wouldn't be? 
Eek! Boy, what a relief to be able to finally tell you! Keeping a secret is not easy to do, especially when it's one this big and we've had to hold it in since last August!
Okay, now that that you're in the know, lets check in to see what happened in strip club this morning, shall we?

First up was Kris with his practically perfect in every way With a Twist, December's strip club quilt! Gor-geous!

But what really got every one's attention was the bag he brought his quilt in! I mean, really, we had women waving dollars trying to buy it! What a hoot!

Lisa Marie took a bit of a departure from the original and made With a Twist all her own! And, yes, there is some purple in there!
And here is her completed Mission Frame top. It's very pretty, Lisa Marie!
Terri shared her two stockings that she made i a class with Debbie Coursey-Prah. If you haven't taken a class with Debbie, you will definitely want to in 2012. And then you can make cute stuff like Terri did!
Can you believe that Lynn has been quilting for less than a year? Me, either. This Star of David is paper pieced (made in Debbie's class. See? You so need to be there!) It is absolutely beautiful.

And, Lynn's With a Twist quilt using a little bit of tan as her background. It's like the ocean lapping at the shoreline. Simply lovely.
 Rose made the cutest thing for her granddaughter. It's a television-watching pillow that she can lean against something and be comfy and cozy covered in Winnie the Pooh fabric. Yes, I wish I was still a kid.

Marsha made Lattice Patch in purples and greens instead of fruit and veggie fabric and it is a stunner!  I love that she thought out of the box.

Sweet Barb has been hooked on making small quilts this past year. Here's her With a Twist table topper/wall hanging. L.O.V.E. that teal! Yum. Great job with those batiks, Barb!

Sandy brought the Fayetteville Neighbor article that they did about the shop. Look, it's our own Ken and Karen!

Gale proudly shared her Love and Comfort quilt made in the breast cancer survivor colors of purple and pink. Gale herself is a breast cancer survivor and we all applauded her ten-year triumph over the disease. You go, Gale!

Our own Cookie-Candy-Cricket (aka Karen- now you know why all the nicknames!) came to strip club armed with some really cute things she had made. Like her Marsha Mellow doll, complete with pecan twig hair!

And Mary's Too Cute to Cut pattern made with one of the Dick and Jane bundles. This is adorable.
(Check out Karen's vest- it's the Kwik Sew Quick vest made with minkie. Have you made one yet?)

And ho-ho-ho, a sweet primitive Santa!

Wendy had a few (much deserved) days off last week and she was busy at her sewing machine! The first one is Jaybird Quilts Fast Forward that she made using an Annie's Farm Stand strip set. What a great quilt!

And then, she showed off her Etchings quilt made from a pattern in the Another Bite of Schnibbles book. Delicious! This makes me want to make my Etchings quilt.
What did you think? There were some really wonderful show and tells today! So, what's on stage for next month?

Hot Flashes made with strips with aqua, red, pink and white. I wish you could have seen the different accent and background fabrics that were chosen. Let's just say that next month's show and tell is going to be pretty wild! And Kris had better bring a bag for everybody! ;)


Lynne Leavell said...

Yea!!!!!!! Congrats on being in the Sring/Summer issue of Quilt Sampler. Strip club was such fun this morning. All the wonderful quilts and the laughter. Way to go Guys!!!! Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!

Lynne Fraas said...

This was my first Strip Club, however it will NOT be my last! I've already made plans to attend the next one...hopefully bringing a friend with me! I'm working on my Hot Flashes already...using a different color way...can't wait to see how it turns out!