Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh. Baby.

Saturday, after the shop closed, we gathered in the classroom for a special baby shower. Kristi, Karen's daughter, is expecting her first baby in just about a month and we were really excited to share in this happy occasion!

How cute is this girl?

There was a beautiful table filled with delicious party food.

And a gorgeous (and delicious) cake for baby Legend! Oh, didn't I tell you? It is a little boy. :)

If you feed us, we will come. ;)

Proud Grandma Karen had this beautiful crib set made from Adorn It's Long Live Vintage. The quilt is made from the same line using the Scribbles pattern by The Pattern Basket.

Who could resist such adorable tiny clothes?

Our own Karen (aka Cookie, aka Cookie-Candy-Cricket) made this sweet red elephant! He is fabulous!

And Laurie made this Boo Bear Blanket from luscious Cuddle. NO stuffed bears were beheaded to make this blankie. It is completely made by hand!

Little pyjamas from Great-grandmother Barbara. Sigh.

Angela made a ring sling for carrying little Legend. And, it's perfect for Mom or Dad!

Great-grandmother, Kathleen, made a set of quilted changing pads! She also included pee-pee tee-pees. Yes, they are what you think they are. lol Check out that cute little guy in the background. That's Karen's grandson. Look at those socks! I'm dying- he is so cute.

Cathy sent embroidered convertible pj's. They can be used either as pj's or as a gown. Clever.

I made an owl from felted sweaters for little Legend. Not only is it made from wool it's stuffed with wool, Kristi, so don't throw it in the wash! I forgot to tell you that. :)

Karen made the most beautiful burp cloths! Lots of them.

Mary made a Sunday Best for Legend quilt. He is going to love all of those bright colors!

And Wendy quilted up this A-dorable owl quilt. What a lucky baby!

Terre and her daughter's gift of tiny sweaters were a total hit!
And, rats, the photo I took of Suzette's gift, Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider and a little onesie did not turn out. You will just have to trust me when I say it was really cute. On the front was written all of the things that are in babies- love, world peace, lots of things I can't remember and a raisin.
I think this baby has everything he needs now. 

Sweet little Legend, we cannot wait to meet you!


Joana said...

Awww.....I got all teary eyed! Best wishes to baby, mama, grandma, and all that love you!

Nanette Merrill said...

I cannot believe everything she got! And that cake...amazing. So fantastic.