Thursday, February 9, 2012

Strip Pics

Well, as promised, here are the photos from last Saturday's Strip Club! I love this day. I look forward to it every single month. I really do.

Kris, minus the Abercrombie and Fitch shopping bag but with the best dance of the day! And check out his Hot Flashes quilt- total awesomeness!
 I'm sorry, Kris, I had to. You know I did. The look on Karen's face was too funny not to post this shot. :)  

Angie shares her soft and sweet With a Twist quilt. It's like a beautiful watercolor painting.

Ginny made a smaller version of Hot Flashes and then added that super-cute Scottie Dog applique! I love how everyone made this quilt their own. 

She also made two Jelly Roll 1600 quilts for Quilts of Valor. 

The back is as perfect as the front! Have you made a quilt for Quilts of Valor? We have a new chapter that meets at the shop. It's not to late to join in, the next sew-in is Monday, February 13!

Do you remember the quilt Angie worked on at our last retreat? Well, her it is all finished! It's totally adorable and I'm pretty sure that it will raise a lot of $$$ for her son's school.

Another gorgeous With a Twist quilt. This is such a great pattern with so many possibilities. 

Colleen brought her Sidelights quilt made from Plume, by Timeless Treasures. This is such beautiful fabric and Colleen combined it into an absolute perfect combination. Yum. 

Carol and her With a Twist in cool greens along with the blues. 

And her stunning Hot Flashes quilt! 

Lisa Marie has been busy as a bee making baby bibs! (Say that 5 times fast!)

Lynn, who teaches our t-shirt class here at the shop, shared this lovely circular bargello quilt. It's for a friend's son and his photo will go in the center. Such a wonderful gift.

Do you recognize this pattern? That's right, it's Hot Flashes! I know, so cool!  And can see you the hearts? Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Who doesn't love Sunbonnet Sue? This cutie-pie quilt was made by Gerri. 

Diane chose to hide behind her With a Twist quilt but....

there was no hiding behind this fabulous Log Cabin wreath quilt! 

Lynne came with a few finished projects- her darling Welcome! banner that she made in Sherrie's beginning applique class....

and her summery Strip Twist quilt top from Sassy Scarlets and......

her juicy-liscious Hot Flashes quilt! Get me a fan! This thing is H.O.T!

Jennifer never fails to amaze us with her talent. This is her version of our Birds Block of the Month for January. Seriously, they are gorgeous!

And, clever duck that she is, she added another heart to her Comfort and Joy in mirror image. Why didn't I think of that? 

Barb finished her bag from the Georgie Bag class last month and is it ever a charmer!

She also completed her Fun and Done quilt! I'm impressed!

Rose made her Hot Flashes quilt baby-sized. I wish I had baby-sized hot flashes instead of  mammoth ones! I never thought of this as a baby quilt but it's really a fun choice! 

She also made a cute fussy cut nine patch. 

This was Marsha's first visit to Strip Club and we certainly hope it will not be her last. This photo does not do her Storm at Sea quilt justice at all. It is magnificent. Just magnificent. 

As is this quilt, which is completely paper pieced and so big I could not get it all in the shot. 

I love the graphic pop of this quilt. Blues and greens are a popular combination with our strippers!

Sweet Gail and her almost-finished Welcome! from beginning machine applique with Sherrie!

These Op quilts (as in optical illusion) were made by Rhonda and 

and her friend, Joyce. Oh, my goodness, they are totally groovy, baby! 

Karen, aka Cookie, has been busy on her days off! This pretty quilt is Harvest, made from Summer Breeze and

check out this fab version of  Hot Flashes! 
Way to go, everyone! Now you know why Strip Club is my favorite day!

Next month it's Marks the Spot made with a classic neutral palette. This is Sherrie's version. 

What will yours look like? 


Lynne Leavell said...

As usual great job everyone. Let's see what kind of dance step Chris comes up with next month. This is my favorite time of month too. It's the only time I get up at 6:00 on Saturday morning to be there by 8:30. Can't wait until next month.

madrekarin said...

Lynne- You are the best! I can always count on you to leave a sweet comment. Thanks so much!

DeAnna S. said...

Great Pics. I really miss going to Strip Club. But...I will not be working weekends and going to school forever...that's for sure!