Friday, April 13, 2012

Frivolous, But Fun!

Oh, don't you love putting something together that makes you smile? Something that just adds a little nicety to your day?  I made something like that this morning. It's an egg cozy cosy ( if your from Old Blighty! I'm not, but I like their spelling better.)  We had a discussion about egg cosies last week at work. We do talk about some strange interesting things at the shop! 
Anyway, I found a few egg cups in my kitchen cupboard and knew immediately that I had to make cosies to go with them. Yes. Yes, I did. 

I whipped one up in a jiffy with time to spare for making a soft boiled egg for breakfast! 

It kept my egg hot while I was making my toast and slicing it into four little sticks, which are perfect for dipping into that yummy yolk. Delicious.

What frivolous thing did you do today? 


Lynne Leavell said...

Very nice.

Nanette Merrill said...

I sort of wish I lived in a time of English tea and egg cozies. Taking time over breakfast and enjoying the beginning of day. We don't stop these days to enjoy things like this. So cute. I think we don't get enough frivolity. I watched TV last night. That is as frivolous as I got.