Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Nasty Bug and Strip Club.

For some reason my computer is a magnet for viruses. One minute it's fine and the next- Blam! Gone. Kaput. Good thing we have a backup! Although, it took me two days to figure out how to get the pictures on it. Aargh, why can't things be easy?!
One thing that is easy is Strip Club! We had a great crowd all geared up and ready to show off their Paradise Found quilts. But first there had to be a little plug for our newest Block of the Month quilt- Amish with a Twist! Isn't this fabulous? 

Sherrie made the sample and it is gorgeous. Sign me up! 
Okay, now on to the Scarlet Strippers Show and Tell time:

Kris was up first, as always and he proudly displayed his fantastic Paradise Found! He is so much fun to be around and his excitement for quilting is contagious.

Even when he cheats. I'm just saying. This cutie is whole cloth with added borders. Sometimes, ya just gotta.....

Lynn made a sweet John Deere bandanna for her grandson,

and these darling bunnies in Sherrie's Beginning Applique class! Cute, cute, cute!

Angie used last month's strips to make this quilt from the Strip On! book. Love those stars!

And check out her spectacular Buggy Barn quilt! Yum.

And this piece of Marks the Spot loveliness is going to her dad for Father's Day!  Lucky dad!

Mona finished a quilt! Mona finished a quilt! It's Paradise Found and it's awesome!!

She also made it through her Hot Flashes! Love that touch of brown, Mona!

Always the subtle one (ahem), Carol made her Paradise Found with a vibrant pinky-orange! Wow!

And her Marks the Marks the Spot made in batiks is positively scrumptious!

Can you guess what Lisa Marie's favorite color is? Give up? Why, yes, it IS purple!! And it looks fab in her Paradise Found quilt!

How sweet is Gerri's Umbrella Girl quilt? It is total vintage fun! And, guess what? Gerri won our store Shop Hop giveaway last month! She got lots of pretty neat loot. :)

Terri also completed her Paradise Found with an absolutely beautiful center star and border! Well done!

Stephanie finished her equilateral triangle quilt in time for her son's graduation from Southern Poly! It has everything to remind him of his school days- the red and gray, the triangles, the fabric choices! It's really amazing!

Karen went small, really small, with her Paradise Found! Look at this! I mean, really? It's super cute, well made, hand quilted and just plain wonderful. The photo shows the quilt on the bed in her doll house. Eek! It's so cute.

Deanna, on the other hand, went big, really big with hers. That deep green was a superb choice!

If you are a new quilter or just need a refresher, our Beginning Quilting classes are the place for you! This is Diana's quilt from that class and it is a lovely one in those soft browns and creams. Beautiful!

The time is ticking, ticking, ticking until Lynn walks down the aisle and she has been keeping herself busy making some fantastic quilts!

Look at this- Lynn designed it with dimensional butterflies that will flutter on the quilt when it's done! Would you believe she has only been quilting for a year? I know!

Linda took the Georgy Bag class for the Versatile Wave bag, posted it on Facebook to show her friends and got two orders right away! How cool is that? 

And she even found time to make her pinkalicious Paradise Found quilt!

Rose brought her darling granddaughter with her to help show off her elegantly colored Paradise Found, as well as 

this cute little version of Marks the Spot! Sweet!

Even sweeter was having Terré with us at Strip Club. She had a little something to show off on the ring finger of her left hand. Yes, Terré is getting married! What a lucky guy her fiance is! Congratulations, sweet girl!

Okay, on to next month's quilt- Stars from Stripes. We made this using a red, white and blue palette, perfect for a Quilts of Valor quilt!! In fact, you can make TWO quilts with a strip set- one to give and one to keep. Or, both to give, if you want! 

My son is in the military and he took the quilt I had made for him to Iraq when he deployed. Any time he needed a hug, all he had to do was to wrap himself in that quilt. I'll be making two to send to someone else's son or daughter so that when they need a hug, they'll have one. I cannot wait to see how these turn out. One thing I do know is this- they will all be very special and full of love and prayers for those men and women who  bravely serve our country. Lots of prayers. 

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