Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Just So Hard To Choose!

Have you seen Sleep Under the Stars in Quilt Sampler yet? Isn't it gorgeous? Love this quilt. The Swirly Girls outdid themselves on this one! 
The only problem is deciding which version to make- they are all beautiful! 
There's the elegant black and white:

And the classic red and white:

And the serene blue and white. How does one decide?!

I'm going classic red and white. :)  Which one will you choose? 
All of the above quilts are available as kits at the shop! And we ship, too!

If you're a regular at the shop, you know that  one thing that is constant is change! We like to keep you on your toes and shower you with samples that will delight and inspire you. That's why the shop doesn't look like it does in the magazine! We've been playing. :) 

So, here's a few shots of what you'll see when you walk in the doors, for now. 

Because you never know when those little fabric-moving elves will strike!

They are very tricky.

At least they clean up after themselves!

I think that is part of the fun here at AST!

My sister says that coming to our shop is like going to an amusement park!

A fabric-covered amusement park-

a Super Silly Fun Land for quilters! (Quick, name that movie?!)

So, stop in and stay a while.

 You will have the best time. Promise!

PS- Ken and Karen just got back from Quilt Market this week! Be prepared to see some really cool things arriving in the shop soon!


Nanette Merrill said...

Your shop is lovely. I wish I was there.

madrekarin said...

Nanette- If you ever get the chance to come to Georgia, let me know! We would have a blast. :)