Monday, June 18, 2012

And the Floods Came Up....

Last week brought us some much-needed rain. It also brought a very not needed flood in Angela's room. Not a huge flood, mostly squishy carpet and wet cabinet bottoms but, it was enough to cause a huge mess as bolt after bolt of fabric was removed. Did I mention that Angela is a hoarder? Oh, you knew that already. Yes, I am sure you did. It's a sickness.
After clearing out the room, inspiration hit and the AST Flood Sale was born. Karen thought it through, calculated her needs and called in the troops to manage what proved to be the sale of all sales here at the shop.
Sherrie Curtis and I slimmed down our waists as we twisted and turned to cut one bolt of fabric after another, sometimes not stopping for hours on end. The first day of the sale saw a 2 hour wait to get fabric cut and we had 6 Divas wielding scissors! It was as if there was never going to be any more fabric- ever. But, of course, there will be. :)
What I loved about being in the back cutting fabric was listening to the people who came, watching their eyes grow wide as they found just the "perfect piece" for a quilt back or the missing piece for a quilt in progress. Happy laughter came from the line, requests for the "rest of the bolt" if it wasn't being ended came with many affirmative responses. No one was rude. No one. Everyone was cheerful and pleasant and generous. We heard lots of plans for charity quilts and that made us smile. This sale brought out the best in every one, honest.
We started with almost 1,000 bolts of fabric (how on earth did Angela get that all in her room?) I really don't know how much is left but I can tell you that there were six rows of four tables each full at the beginning of the sale and  only two and a half rows at the end. That was a lot of fabric that went out the door and that much less that will go back into Angela's room.
I wonder how long that will last? Ahahahahahaha.

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