Monday, June 4, 2012

Show Offs!

Take about 40 men and women, put them in a room and give them free rein to share their work and you have a fabulous Saturday Strip Club! 

First to the front was....Kris! I'm sure you already knew that. 
This is the t-shirt quilt he made in Lynn Fraas' class. It's amazing!

Jelly Roll 1600, anyone?  This has proven to be a very popular quilt!

Oh, my gosh. I love this quilt! If you want a different take on the strip club quilt, you can count on Kris to make it all his and fabulous. 

And, his completed Stars from Stripes in queen size.  The soft chambray blue background is lovely. 

Next? Jody with a beautiful batik basket weave quilt and....

her own Jelly Roll 1600 quilt with a cute patched border! I think it's amazing how these turn out. You really don't know what you're going to end up with!

Angie used the new Chickadee line to mix with the Asian fabric strips for her Sky Lanterns quilt. How cute is that? And, she quilted it herself! Go, Angie. :)

Harriette was a busy bee quilting up the Stars from Stripes quilts that were donated for Quilts of Valor. The first one was made by Gerri....

this one by Angie....

and the last one by Gail. Thank you so much, ladies! I know that these quilts will be much appreciated. 

Trying to get Georgianne to stand still is like trying to get a marble to stop rolling down hill! So, here's an action shot of her showing the bags she has made as special orders. 

And, the Bellanca bag, which will be an upcoming class! Love this one. :) 

Laura strikes again with a soft and pretty blooming nine patch made from one of our 5-yard bundles! This is her fist one and, according to Laura, her last. ha ha

Also from Laura, the newest bundle pattern sample, called Heirloom! Gorgeous! She chose her fabrics from our clearance section, which shows that you can use other options as well as the bundles to make beautiful quilts!

The girls from Sheri's Beginning Quilting II class joined together to show their projects! From left to right we have: Mattie, Mary, Diana and Deborah. Great job, ladies!!

I am  sure you were wondering if Karen was able to translate Sky Lanterns into 1/12th scale and you'll be happy  to know that she did! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, so cute!

And, she was able to fit her tiny rocking chair with a little chair pad set, with the beginnings of a teeny-tiny knitted scarf! Yes, those are toothpicks the she knitted on.

Gail finished her Tumbler quilt top from the Block Busters class and had time to quilt it herself! Love all those luscious shades of brown. 

Mona made her Sky Lanterns into a table runner.  Her dinner table is going to be stunning!

Carol shows off her String Quilt Revival block....

and her fun and fab fabric bowl (made in Huberta's class)..

which can also be worn as a hat...

and her Sky Lanterns quilt with a dazzling gold background! Awesome, Carol!

Lynn shows off her adorable patriotic pup from Sherrie's Beginning Machine Applique class and, 

this charming table topper from the Charmed and Dangerous book! Cuteness. 

Cookie-Candy-Cricket took the Beginning Quilting class to brush up on her skills. She used Silent Cinema for her fabrics. It's adorable, Cookie.

She also made the Chubby Charmer tote bag in our Sassy Scarlets class! 

The last Block Busters class featured fabric post cards and Rose has gone post card crazy!
Look at these cuties!! You can actually mail these! How fun would it be to get a little handmade post card in the mail? 

Liz came in last week and told me about the quilt she inherited from her grandmother. She called it the "ugliest" quilt her grandmother made. I beg to disagree. It's beautiful. 

Every stitch, every bump, every wavy edge came from her grandmother's hands. It is an absolute treasure, Liz!

Okay, now for next month's strip club choice- 

It's Double Diamonds made in juicy bright orange, yellow and pink! We used a black Michael Miller Garden Pindot for the accent (which looks grey from a distance) but there are a ton of options for this quilt! I cannot wait to see these all done!

On my way home from work, I stopped by the duck pond on Minnow Lane to take a few shots of the lotus that are in bloom. 


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Lynne Leavell said...

As always great job everyone. Karin the flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to see what everyone does with June's strip club.