Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anita Goodesign- a Good Time Was Had by All!

Did you get to come to the big event? Wasn't it awesome?! 77 women all gathered together to take a peek at some of Anita Goodesign's best of the best embroidery software.  Jessica and Courtney, from AG, came and led the group through project after project, giving them lots of hands-on experience. There's nothing like that, really. Embroidery machines can be a bit intimidating, but those girls took all of the mystery out of them!

There were lots of machines for sharing and lots of product to buy.

Inspiration was everywhere! The samples on the wall were breathtaking!

All made on an embroidery machine. Just think how quickly you could get Christmas presents made!

Really cute stuff.

Busy bees.

Luscious colors.

Happy embroiderers. 

Still happy, even after meticulously cutting around a design done on batting!

Finally able to stitch out the gorgeous trapunto design. 

Easy peasy,

lemon squeezy!

This is so pretty! And fast.

What do you do while your design is being stitched out? Look cute for the camera, of course!

A sweet little strawberry applique.

There was tons and tons of software available for everyone!
Take a look at what you could make:

You can even do sashiko on the machines! Gorgeous.

I loved this girl. She hid behind the trapunto block while I took the picture because "she didn't really have anything to do with it!", she said. A quick snap afterwards caught her still telling me that. ha ha ha But, she did. Everyone was part of a team, all working together to make their projects! 

A cutie-pie version of Sunbonnet Sue.

This was the last project. It began with an outline of a design and then the teams colored them in with......Sharpies! They then used a blender (you could use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol) to blur the colors into each other for a custom block!


Three of the finished projects all grouped together.

The last project of the day was to add an embellishment to the corner of a napkin.

I think that Barb liked this one!

Everyone did, actually.

White one white, classic and beautiful.

And ecru on white, which was my favorite.

It was such a great day and we would like to thank the McDonough Christian Church for allowing us to come and fill their function room with lots of fabulous woman, and Jessica and Courtney for bringing them all new knowledge and confidence for their embroidery adventures!

Till next time.........


Miz Karen said...

Had a great time and learned many new things to try out on my Baby Lock!

lenasdaughter said...

Karin, this is the lady who *really* had nothing to do with the sewing of that block! The lady next to me and I were chatting the entire time our teams were sewing! But I had a great time, and I'm proud to be a new Diamond Club member. Thanks for the great laugh and the fun day! Stitches - Jeanette