Friday, February 8, 2013

Love a Little Strippin'

February's Strip Club started off with a bang with Kris' Equinox quilt! It's so calm and serene, just like Kris. Ahahahaha!

His Sierra Stars quilt is much more like him- vibrant and fun! Can you see the little extra twist that Kris added to his quilt?

Gerri wowed us with her hand-appliqued 50th wedding anniversary quilt. It's gorgeous!

And she is working on another as a wedding gift which, in 50 years, will be a cherished treasure.

Barbara's incredibly gorgeous silk block quilt. Really, the photo does not capture how luscious this is.

Diana was busy, busy making not one, but two, Shady Character quilts. It's a Swirly Girls pattern and

it's oh, so versatile! beautiful work as always, Diana.

Ginny, the Table Runner Queen, created a bevy of beauties for show and tell. Here are two of the favorites: A happy patriotic runner

and the perfect summer watermelon slice!

This is Latomda. This is Latomda's Cupcake quilt, designed by her daughter, that the daughter sketched out on the cutting table at the shop, that her mother carefully and beautifully created. And, she did her own free motion quilting! Awesome!!

Pam whipped up this adorable construction themed quilt for her four year-old grandson. I bet she is his favorite grandma!!

Gail came to visit for strip club and brought this anazing Kansas Troubles quilt! All of those curvy edges are raw-edged, which will allow for maximum fluffiness when the quilt is washed. L.O.V.E!

Lynn's Mystery Quilt (Stella's Surprise) from Sherrie's class. She chose blues and purples to create this bit of loveliness.

Lynn's color choices are always spot on. I love how rich this quilt looks.

If it's teal, aqua or lime green, you know it's one of Barbara's creations! She added her trademark to her Sew Easy Strata Star and it is fab!

A few years ago Mary taught a class on Hot Flashes and made her sample in vivid color, as all hot flashes should be. Except Deanna took a distinct departure and made hers in subtle tones with raving success! You would not even know it was the same quilt. Stellar!

And this one? It's from Mary's String Quilt Revival class, exquisitely executed in stark black and white. Karen loved this so much, it is going to hang in the shop in the near future!

This would be Melissa's very first quilt from the Beginning Quilting class. It's really lovely.

And this little kitty bag she designed herself using Pam Kitty Love! Meow! It's just adorbs!

Lynne is hooked on fabric pottery, just like everyone else that takes Huberta's class! Cuteness!

And here is Lynne's Stella's Surprise mystery quilt made up in her favorite colors.

And Diamond Double, done in the same. Hmm, I wonder if she likes orange?!

Rose crafted this sweet outfit for her granddaughter. It's darling!

Huberta whipped up a tiny fabric pottery flower pin and

an amazing covered fabric bowl! Her creativity knows no bounds!

Sheila finally got her Mondo Bag! After looking at the pattern for months, she caved and made this incredibly beautiful bag. :)

And Jackie popped by with these luscious pillows made from jaybird Quilts Candy Dish patter. Total yumminess!

Kay- WAIT!! That's NOT Kay! Karen models Kay's Chubby Charmer purse for her. Kay was feeling a bit shy on Saturday but,

I was able to get her photo anyway. This is the REAL Kay and her Chubby Charmer bag.

We anxiously awaited the unveiling of February's Strip Club quilt and it's a charmer!

We chose Cozy Quilt's Early Light pattern and Sherrie whipped up this Valentine delight in no time.
Come back and see what else we've cooked up for you!

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