Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Big Show!

It's been crazy busy the past few weeks at A Scarlet Thread. We completely rearranged the shop and, of course, there were Shop Hop preparations. LOTS of Shop Hop preparations. How about a little catching up before we start sharing Shop Hop photos?

Kris was first up (great shock!) with his beautiful Early Light from the January strip club.

Check out this fab scrappy backing! Love. Kris had knee surgery recently and we are happy to report he is doing really well. Nothing keeps him down though- he made 9 sample quilts for Shop Hop! He rocks.

Angie made this cute duck-themed quilt from the Swirly Girls Perfect Ten pattern. This is a great pattern for a quick quilt!

How gorgeous is this? The purple and turquoise play so nicely with that gray background.

I don't think Angie sleeps. This is her Grammy's Buttons quilt from Sassy Scarlets. I started making one of these. It's still in pieces in my project basket. Oh, Angie...........

This is such a fun quilt with it's vibrant colors and its guitar fabric. I think she said it's for her son. Lucky boy!

Ginny made a plethora (I love that word) of table runners from the book My Runners.

plus some very cute baby bibs,

and a fantastic Ohio State quilt for her nephew.

Lisa Marie came through with a charming Sierra Stars quilt and

her adorable daughter who modeled her new purse!

Terri whipped up this gorgeous jacket from a sweatshirt and a few batiks.

You would never know there was a sweatshirt under there, would you?

Latonda showed off her super cute Thimballina bag from Auntie's Two! Look at that smile!

This is Barb's Early Light made with juicy batiks and

a very cool, almost psychedelic, throw made with a panel from Frond! All of the fabrics from Frond are from original art. They are amazing!

Gerri finished her wall hanging from last month just in time for gift giving! It's lovely!

We love Amy Bradley at the shop and so does Cindy! This is Funny Babies- isn't it darling? If you get up close you can see that each baby has a belly button. Love those little details!

Melissa has been busy designing her own quilts. This one is made from her mother and grandmother's handkerchiefs. What a sweet way to create a memory quilt!

We have a few exciting classes coming up.

First up is Mary's Cheddar Blue class from String Quilt Revival! This quilt is incredible! Love the classic combination of blue and yellow. Yum! This class will be held on March 22 from 5:30 to 9:00PM. Book required. Call the shop for class availability!

Candace Hassen will be back on March 23 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM to teach another of her fabulous patterns. This time around, it's Let's Polka! It is simply a fun quilt made with polka dots and a few stripes. Check out our class calendar at A Scarlet Thread. Angela makes sure there is something for everyone!

Here's the strip club choice for march- Up Squares, Down Squares!

It is a very subtle, beautiful quilt with an Asian influence. I wonder what show and tell will be like next month?
Now that things are (somewhat) back to normal, I'll be posting lots of fun shots of Shop Hop! I had a great time visiting some of my favorite shops with my friend, Cilla, today. Nothing like a good friend, a little spending money and quilt shops to make for a perfect day!
Come back tomorrow for a little peek at what we saw. :)

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