Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Been Quite a Month!!

If you've been by the shop lately, you know we have been busy making changes. big changes. The switch-about we did last winter pales in comparison to this one! But the result is a beautiful, bright new A Scarlet Thread, one that is more open and inviting. At least that is my humble opinion. There is still some tweaking to be done, you know how that goes. What didn't need any tweaking was Strip Club!
There were some gorgeous quilts shown during show and tell. So, here ya go:

Kris up first (surprised?) with his Olympia quilt. I would never have chosen that deep maroon as an accent color but, wow, is it amazing!

And this cutie-patootie grey and pink baby quilt is super adorable. 

Terri's beautiful Up Square, Down Square. Love the background color and that milky chocolate accent!

Angie never disappoints us with her work. This is Kim Diehl's Easy Peasy pattern. The colors are perfect for an Autumn day. 

Surf's On! from the Twisted Bargello book is a lovely take on a bargello quilt. It's like a day at the beach!

QuiltSmart's Black Eyed Susan was an easy quilt to put together. Well, easy for Angie!

Thomas whipped up the ever-popular Mondo Bag, also from QuiltSmart. Awesome job, Thomas!

Mr. T is taking a trip (guess where?) and made himself a few luggage tags! These are great!

Diane made this sweet chevron quilt using half-square triangles. Is there anything you can't do with a half-square triangle?

Debbie set of this gorgeous poinsettia center with a fun piano key border. 

Me-ow! This kitty quilt is so stinking cute! 

A nice, manly Card Trick quilt made with horse-themed fabrics. Delish.

Barb, why are you hiding? Your Prickly Pear is gorgeous, and so are you. :) 

There you are, with your darling Olympia baby quilt.

Veronica is all smiles with her festive Prickly Pear!

And a nearly completed Beginning Quilting project!

Um, hello, Gorgeous! Take 5 goes elegant in Veronica's hands!

Liz is an incredible talent, hands down. Her Barn raising log cabin quilt is a masterpiece!

The newest thing at the shop are our fat quarter cups. You can choose from Ho Ho Ho Holiday, Fat Quarter Frappe or Tropical Slush cups. Each one holds 6 luscious fat quarters, all decked out with a straw, and a free pattern!! Our Laura has created two darling quilts from fat quarters just for the cups. Above is Simplicity, which is perfect for the larger patterns of the quilting cottons and below,

Keyhole, which works perfectly with the batiks. Either way, these are a great way to get a cute quilt, fast!

marge used the beautiful menorah laser cut to make this wall hanging. Love the soft blues and silver. Pretty.

I can never get Sherrie to stop long enough to pose for a picture! Still, check out these lovely things she made from the Happy Harvest book by The Wooden Bear! The apple tea towel is for her daughter and that pumpkin jar has loads of possibilities. The pumpkin has a magnet, so you can interchange it with any otf the other cute toppers in the book. :) 

Mary (and the rest of the girls) have been training on all of the sewing and embroidery machines at the shop, which inspired her to go home and actually use hers. I have a feeling that she will now be unstoppable. 

The Scarlet Strippers will be making Sassy Squares for our next Strip Club. It's an easy quilt to put together with major impact, perfect for batiks. 
I hope you're enjoying some fall weather where you are. It was a perfect 75 degrees here in Georgia today. But fall also means that the spiders are out in full force. This web was strung between two trees in the back garden.


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