Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Unsinkable Jenny Doan!

You know her as the darling of the Missouri Star Quilt Company's YouTube channel and Fons and Porter's Quilting Quickly magazine, that sweet girl who leads you through tutorials with ease. Yep, it's Jenny Doan and we had the pleasure of her company at A Scarlet Thread this weekend!

(image from of Where Woman Create)

We did our best to welcome her in style!

Had lots of her quilts from the summer, fall and winter issues of Quilting Quickly made up into samples, 'cause, you know, we love to make samples!

We put away the Christmas decs and spiffed up the shop and got it all spic and span!

And then they came- over 200 fans of Jenny's in all! They even braved torrential rains to come see their favorite quilter! 

And, then she was there! You could have cut the excitement with a rotary cutter!!

Karen broke the ice with a lovely introduction delivered with her impeccable sense of humor. 

Who is that behind that little quilt? Jenny's husband, Ron. Have hubs, will travel. It's a family affair. No, really, it is. Jenny and her husband have seven children, 4 boys and 3 girls. That's a lot of kids! And those kids have blessed them with 21 grandchildren. That's a lot of joy. :) 

A few of their children are directly involved with the quilt shop and quilting services. Missouri Star started with a long-arm machine and a shelf of fabric. They have grown leaps and bounds in the five years following. It's a true success story, proving her mother's saying that, "If you cast your bread out on the water, it will come back buttered." I love that! 

Make your own sweet baby quilt!

Jenny shared the ins and outs of her method of quilting using precut 10-inch and 5-inch squares and 2 1/2-inch strips. I'm pretty sure that she can do anything with them, like making this stellar snowball quilt.
Pop on over here and start your own snowball fight!

Or this adorable pinwheel within a churn dash block. Cay-ute!
Follow this link to see how!

Every quilt is achievable by beginning and seasoned quilters alike. The challenge is making them your own!
Everyone is pinwheel crazy lately. Get in on the fun!

Once you have mastered the art of half square triangles, the quilt possibilities are endless!
I love how this quilt self-frames itself. Gorgeous!

Jenny made the X's and O's quilt using Wildflowers from Moda. It was a gorgeous line with really rich color and wonderful florals. Want your own X's and O's quilt? Dig in here!

Once you have the basics of each block in your brain, you can start combining them to make other awesome quilts! This one combines the X block and the Scrappy Four Patch (joined into a 16 patch) into a very handsome quilt!

Go out on a limb and make a few strip sets that will have your mind racing with possibilities! This is called Summer in the Park. This might just make summer bearable. 

Need a quilt in a jiffy? Try this Rail Fence made with a layer cake and a jelly roll. Can't get much faster!

Have you heard of the Wacky Web templates? There is really nothing wacky about them. They make beautiful quilts, like the Periwinkle Quilt. Want your own? Start right here!Well, you know that all good things must come to an end and that means shopping! Lots of shopping to get all of the tools needed to make all of these beautiful quilts!

But Jenny didn't stop. Nope, she  took the time to chat with each fan that came to see her and sign their magazines, templates and even a quilt block or two. That's just how she rolls. 

I have to say that we are smitten with Jenny Doan and her wonderful and patient husband, Ron. You guys are the best. 

And, yes, here is a gratuitous shot of me with Jenny and her hubs in the background. Karen snapped this for me eking out the last bit of battery life in my camera. Phew! I am so grateful to have met this sweet girl 

Head on over to see more, more, more fab tutorials on the Missouri Star YouTube Channel. You'll be glad you did!

Y'all come back and see us, okay?


Anonymous said...

Thanks AST on another great event! This one was my favorite and you each deserve a gold medal! Jenny was awesome and so personable! Congrats!

Lynne Leavell said...

Thank you so much Karen and the Scarlet Thread Divas. This was such a fun day. Karen you just keep one upin yourself. I love it. I want front row for the Jenny Club.