Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Heart of the Matter

I missed last month. I have a good reason why I didn't get to take photos of the strip club quilts in May- I wasn't there. I was at the hospital with The Hubs. It was a bit of a surprise visit- one minute we were waiting for a heart cath and the next minute he was whisked off to Piedmont Atlanta for, what would prove to be, quadruple bypass surgery. Yep, when he does something, he goes big. He really needs to stop that. Just sayin'. He's on the mend, back to work and dealing with a few issues that popped up but, all in all, he's a-okay. 
Also a-okay were the June strip club quilts! Oh, my, there were some beautiful quilts to be seen, large and small, short and tall. 
Let's start with small, shall we? 

Karen has been playing with her Baby Lock embroidery machine! Check out this darling baby quilt made for this precious little baby girl. 

Mini-wonderful Chasing Windmills! Ack, I just love tiny stuff! Adorbs.

Lisa Marie aced her Prickly Pear quilt from last year and 

rocked these Sierra Stars! Her other quilt photos were a bit blurry but they were just as pretty. 

Gale wowed us with her version of French Roses! This is such a gorgeous pattern. Love the soft colors in this!

Brenda made the cutest Under the Sea baby quilt! The whales. That's all I have to say.

Yvonne's Chasing Windmills is full of spunk! Such a great pattern and the fabrics are lovely. 

Check out her cute American flag chair banner. Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

We have some adorable flannel mini quilt kits in the shop and Terri snapped one up and made it jiffy quick! If you love prim, or not, you'll love these. Who can resist a bird in a hat?

LaTonda has also been playing in her Baby Lock and made these amazing fabric baskets! L.O.V.E.

Janet used Mary's Fenced In pattern to make this fab baby quilt that has, are you ready?,

a reversible back! Two quilts for the price of one!

Mwah! Janet's kisses from my Beloved, from last year's Quilter's Camp, is spot on. 

Wesley, not to be confused with The Dread Pirate Roberts, ventured away from his own design and actually used a pattern to make this quilt! Well done, sir!

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet- well, I would, too, if it was as cute as Bobbi's! This would make a great gift for Dad, or Grandma........

This picture-perfect quilt made by Lynn is destined for a recent West Point graduate! Fab-u-lous!

Melisa has been a busy bee making up a t-shirt quilt for a lucky boy and 

making this sweet handkerchief quilt using her mother and grandmother's hankies. What a lovely keepsake!

Laura has been at the design board again and has come up with two new patterns- a rectangular basket weave in soft blues and pinks and 

a very warm and cozy flame stitch quilt called "Awaken". 

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll is the true name of this quilt but Barbara raided her stash and named her Leftovers! It is so pretty. 

Diane used Annie's Attic Bargello with a Twist to create this piece of gorgeousness! The colors are so rich and vibrant! 

Lisa was able to make two Chasing Windmills quilts this month! That's a pretty good achievement, don't you think? 

Gerri is the Graduation Quilt Queen! This is from the Applique at Play book and is on it's way to a lucky young man. 

Debi has made this quilt, in shades of purple and lilac, for her brother's girlfriend who stayed with him until he passed away. The pattern is magnolia Lane by Robin Gallagher. Such a tender gift for someone who served with compassion. 

Thomas went to Virginia for a wedding and while he was there he made a quilt. It's Christmastime! was put together in the hotel room, which means have sewing machine will travel. 

At the reception, who did Thomas and his wife Kathy meet? Eleanor Burns! How cool is that?! You just never know, do ya? 

Jill attended Mary's Jelly Roll 2 class last month and made this bright and beautiful quilt with High Street, by Kate Ashbury. 

And, if you ever need a cute and quick bag, head on over to Jenny Doan's website and make this tumbler bag like Jill did!

Veronica came equipped with her own quilt show and we loved it! First up, Fat Friday, made with Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill fabric. 

And then, from top left clockwise- Jelly Roll 2, made with Kaffe Fassett strips; Big and Bold done in grey and green; Just Can't Cut It! in soft pink and green and Villa Rosa's Limelight in subtle pastels. Beautiful!

Miss Mary must have a time machine so she can get stuff done. The largest pic is of her sample quilt from Seemingly Scrappy book for an upcoming class. She also made the Quick and Easy Three Yard quilt (we have the book- it's awesome!) and, for her friend's 60th birthday, a Sassy Apron, a Fruit Bottomed Ladies beach cover up and an array of smalls from sun glass cases to tote bags for all the girls who will be celebrating with the birthday girl! Mary, I need to borrow that time machine, okay?

This pretty much sums up how I feel about having my picture taken. Really. 

But, when it comes to my friends, I'll smile big for the camera. Lynne asked me to make her one of my Quilting Fairies and I was happy to oblige! She is such a sweetheart and loves her new friend! No detail was spared, from tiny bolts of fabric and spools of thread to a strippy skirt over her bloomers and scrappy wool jacket along with a woolly beehive! 

Cookie (aka Cookie-Candy-Cricket-Bunny-Chocolate Chip, or Karen) brought the most precious show and tell- her new granddaughter, Katie Ann! Those cheeks, those little folds at her wrists- so, so cute! Mommy Megan was not far away, making sure that Grandma didn't try to sneak her away. lol

That brings us to June's Strip Club quilt! The pattern is Shortline and it is made in yummo batiks. 

The little bits with the black sashing make me think of macarons. Excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen now....;) 
Happy Stripping, everyone!


Lynne Leavell said...

So glad to have you back at Strip Club and glad your husband is doing well. I love the friendships that Strip Club brings. I truly love my Quilting Fairy Maxine. Her and my spool doll Matilda look on from there temporary home on the book shelf next to my chair until I can get them in there permanent home in my sewing room. Once again everyone did a great job.

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