Thursday, September 11, 2014


****No, it is not August. But, this is the August strip club post!  It's been done and ready for weeks and I just neglected to hit the publish button. I think this might be the sign of a cluttered mind.****

We had some beautiful Timber quilts made by the Scarlet Strippers! I decided to put them all together so that you can see just how different the same pattern can look in the hands of our fabulous quilters!

Mary Jean







Pretty stuff, huh? 

Karen did a jazzy version of the midi bag and 

no strip club would be complete without one of her 1:12 scale handmade quilts!

Sue shows off the quilt she made in Quilter's Camp from the book Six Halves Make a Whole!

Georgianne made a gorgeous Slideshow using Painted Summer by Lida Enche. 

Lynn's Happy Hollow Santa is totes adorbs!

As is her Amy Bradley Merry Christmas nutcracker quilt!

Janet also attended Quilter's Camp and made this beautiful Six Halves make a Whole quilt. 

Hey, and so did Linda! Love the earth tones. 

Somehow she also had time to make this Falling Charms quilt in subtle fall colors and

some super-cute baby bottle cozies!

Emily's Jelly Roll 2 quilts is scrumptious!

Oh, hello! This is Emily's Beginning Quilting quilt. Beginning being the operative word here, you would never know it to look at it!

From a beginner to expert in no time- this is a Disappearing Nine Patch made from Poppy Love Yum!

Sandy shared some cute bags and a darling baby quilt that she made.

Need a gift for a college-bound offspring? You can look to Lisa's quilt for some awesome inspiration!

Place mats, anyone? How stinking cute are these?

LaTonda tackled Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by making 50 of them t o celebrate her 50 years on Earth! Gorgeous.

Great minds do think alike! Chris also made Tula's 100 quilt bocks! 

As well as this beautiful mystery bock quilt and 

a pretty retro Whoopsie Daisy!

Ginny, the Table Runner Queen, has been at it again making all sorts of table topping treats!

And, she fit in a quilt or two! Isn't this pinwheel and sailboat quilt adorable?

Now, I can tell you that Ginny did not make this quilt, I did! It was in our yard sale a few years ago and Ginny took it, changed out the border and finished it up in style! Ha ha, it was pretty funny when I had to confess. ;) 

Look at these happy elephants! Karen enlarged the elephant on the copier and Ginny cut them out of fabric and appliqued them onto the quilt! Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Deanna has hopped on the Quilts of Valor bandwagon and made a beautiful rail fence in traditional red, white and blue!

Thomas is the Mondo Bag King at AST! Love the purple shades on the front and the pop of Concord grapes inside!

Need a quick gift? Decoupage a glass plate with fabric!

This is a puppy quilt, made for a lucky dog named Pip. Love the name, so cute!

Laura made this quilt in our ABC Club using a Brown Sugar strip set. Such a soft, classic quilt. 

And guess who is published again? Yep, we lay claim to this sweet girl! Look for her new pattern in the Pick Up a Six Pack book!

Jelly Roll Part Deux in High Street=scrumdillyumptious!

Amanda's striking Blurred Lines is incredible! Great job!

Lynn shared her $8 vintage "car quilt". She purchased just the top, had it quilted and gave it a new life.
 If you see a little gem like this, snap them up and give them a little love!

Marge and her ginormous Parisian Paisley quilt. Wow, wow, wow!

Veronica, do you sleep, honey? Here's her HO HO HO Punch cup quilt, 

a log cabin Christmas wreath,

and her Quilter's Camp quilt is stunning sea glass colors!

Mittie is a first time Scarlet Stripper! This is her whiz-bang Drunkard's Path, 

jewel-like French Braid and 

this really fun bag quilt with functioning bags! 

Jackie surprised her friend, Sheila, with this breathtaking quillow! Yes, it's a string quilt quillow! When was the last time you saw one? We all want one now- wink, wink! 

How about this adorableness? A little monster quilt for a lucky two year old along with.....

his very own custom designed monster!! AAAAAHHHH! So cute!

So, what will we make for next month? Daniela Stout's Leftovers quilt using her Cabana line from Timeless Treasures! 

Here are the strippers waving hello! We love you, Daniela!


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