Friday, September 24, 2010

Now, That's Much Better....

Well, it only took two days, but I think I can work in here now. 

Thank goodness, because my first grandchild is nearly here (Seriously, the contractions are 4 minutes apart and counting!) and I have some serious baby sewing to do!
So, for all of you out there with bomb sites for sewing rooms, take heart. All you need is a little motivation. Here's some for ya: e-mail me (at madrekarin1atyahoodotcom) a photo of your creative space (sewing, crafting, painting, whatever you do) and I'll post it here to share with our readers. I don't know about you, but I love seeing where people create.
Ready? Go!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Wonder I Can't Get Anything Accomplished.....

This is the state of my sewing room. 
 Hardly conducive to streams of creative thoughts, huh? Oy.
Please tell me I am not the only one with a bomb site for a sewing room. Please? 

Guess what I'm doing today?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Off to Sunny Florida!

Tomorrow morning, in the very wee hours, Karen and Ken are driving to Florida to be a part of the Jacksonville Quilt Fest! It's a huge event with quilters and vendors from all over the country. I just know they are going to have a great time!
If you popped by the shop this past week, you would have seen our mock up for the booth space at the show. It's a great way to see how things fit and make sure that everything they will need is there.
Here's a few shots of what the A Scarlet Thread booth will look like:


Beautiful quilts- all of your favorites!

Kits, patterns, precuts, gits ideas and more.

Of course, you will need to picture it with a sleek, black background and lots of people milling about!
  What's my favorite thing they are taking? This:


It's the Midtown Trench coat by Indygo Junction. L.O.V.E! If you're going to wear a coat in Florida, this is the one to make for yourself. It's lightweight and super cute. Especially with big black covered buttons!
If you're in Jacksonville this weekend, stop by for a visit and say, "Hi!"
If you're staying home, come by the shop. We love having visitors.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sneak Peek.

Here is a tiny little shot of what's to come at the new location for AST! Don't you love that blue?
There have been some very busy bees working diligently to make this one beautiful place! Stay tuned for more sneaky-peeky shots as it draws closer to our grand opening. You're going to love it! Promise.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn Is Just Around the Corner....

You know it's the first Saturday of the month when you drive by the AST parking lot and see that it is full at 8:30 in the morning! That it was also a beautiful cool morning made it even nicer.
And who were the owners of all thos cars? The Scarlet Strippers who gathered for strip club, of course! 

 This is Stephanie, who shared her beautiful hand-pieced bear paw baby quilt. That will be one lucky little cub that receives this darling quilt.

Miss Sandy showed off her stunning Twister quilt. Have you tried one of these yet? They are all the rage here at AST!  
 See what I mean? Here is Barbara's tiny table topper. All it needs is a border and Voila! Done. In a snap!
 And Barbara's lovely Yin Yang quilt. It's. Just. Gorgeous!
 Gail took our Advanced Beginner Quilting class and churned out this little gem! Bravo, Gail!
 Kathleen completed her Yin Yang quilt, and........
 started a quilt for her daughter, and........
 finished another quilt top for her other daughter! They are all beautiful, Kathleen. You have very lucky daughters!
 Hmmm, I wonder who this is hiding behind her sort-of  Yin Yang quilt top? It's me! The girl who dislikes setting triangles almost as much as hot, salty and sour pickles. And I dislike those pickels a lot.
 Sherrie guided us through the September strip club quilt, this time made with batiks. Star of the Show should prove to be just that! It's a beautiful pattern
 And they're off! It's the mad dash to be the one who finds the perfect fabrics to go with their strips.
 Cut, fold, cut, fold, cut, fold and cut, fold again! Pat makes it look so easy!
And here is our Star of the Show! I cannot wait to see the quilts next month. Can you?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Out and About the Shop

It occurred to me that I haven't shared photos of the shop in a very long time. Allow me to correct that asap.
If you come in to AST at all, then you know we are pretty much in a constant state of flux. One minute something is there and the next...well, you get the picture. Especially on Wednesdays when the "decorator" comes in and moves things around to the point that heads are spinning! Gee, I wonder who that could be? ;)
Anyway, I digress. What you want to see are the beauties that we have displayed, like this Beveled Blocks quilt made in shades of green and gold batiks.

Or this amazing Yin Yang quilt from August's strip club.
I can tell you that mine looks nothing like this one.
At all!

I just love the deep purples and greens  of this Shadowbox quilt. It makes me think of curtains I had in my first on-my-own apartment, which was actually a converted garage- complete with brick floors. The curtains were black with purple flowers dotted along green vines. I loved them and I love this quilt!

A Pancakes quilt made with Plume and a companion Fire Escape quilt behind it made in the same fabric. I love how a different pattern gives a different look to a line of fabric.

This is Mary's stunning Fruit Cale quilt made with Moda's Freebird line.

You just never know what you will find when you come to visit! But, let me warn you- the next time you come in, what you saw before may not be in the same place. That's pretty much a guarantee.
This little quilt is not in the shop. It's one I made for my soon-to-be-here granddaughter. It's not a very good shot. I had to take it on the floor of the kid's apartment! But I love how it turned out in all of its red and aquaness.

Now to wait for the baby that will be snuggled up inside of it............