Friday, December 10, 2010

The Magnificent Margaret Tully

Last Saturday, after strip club, we had a visit from someone very special to A Scarlet Thread- Margaret Tully from Baby Lock! We had a good crowd for each of the classes, and there was much fun to be had.

The "Big Screen" was put into operation to ensure that everyone could see what Margaret was demonstrating. She did some amazing things with that serger sitting in front of her. I didn't know machines could do such amazing things! I lead a very sheltered life.

There were even machines set up for demonstrations. Everyone who attended the class was able to make a darling coffee cup (or soda cup) cozy, the whole thing made on a serger!

Everything Margaret said was jotted down with care for future reference.

I had the pleasure of spending a bit of my lunch time with Margaret. We talked about where we derive inspiration for quilts and other projects, how there are some things that will never be made because of the memories to which they are attached. She told me of her mother-in-law, who had a tin of embroidery floss that caused a young bride to swoon with delight as it was opened and its contents revealed. And how, when her mother-in-law passed away, the things Margaret asked for were the pillow slips that her husband's mother had made by hand. Margaret made church dolls for each woman in the family for a Christmas gift that year. What a perfectly lovely gift from a perfectly lovely woman.

In case you did not get to come and see Margaret in person, here's a little video of her sharing a very smart tip. It's one of those, "Oh, really. Why did I not think of that?" things that once it's put in the brain never leaves.

We do have the best guests come to visit. :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Strip Club.

It was the last strip club Saturday of 2010 and the girls did not disappoint us with their show-and-tells! That doesn't sound very good, does it? Anyway, there were some beautiful quilts shared. Here, take a peek:

Barbara is shooing off her Star of the Show- beautifully pieced and quilted!

And, her lovely Brownstone along with

a sublime Pop Flower!

Jennifer shares her Pop Flower quilt made with a coral sashing that makes this a stunner!

You ahve to love Sandy. She chose to use her strips to make another version of Storm Front. 
L.O.V.E. this quilt. A lot.

I think I've shared the pink version of Northcott's breast cancer fabric and now I get to share Sandy's beautiful quilt made in the taupe and black colorway. This is really just stunning in real life.

News flash! Stop the presses! Lynne did not make a king size quilt! But she did make a beautiful Brownstone.

Do you see those empty chairs? They are waiting just for you! We hope that you;ll come join us for strip club during 2011. 2011? Already? Time is flying.

This is the quilt we'll be making for January. It's pieced using Stonehenge and it's just lovely. The pattern is called Dream Weaver and it's a dream to put together.
See you next year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Breakfast Club

What do you have for breakfast? Here at AST, one Wednesday a month, we have a cozy casserole matched up with some cozy quilting! It's called Breakfast Club and it's quickly becoming a favorite! It's led by me and the adorable Sherrie Curtis.
 Every month you receive a new pattern, based on breakfast foods (hence the name). In November, we gathered together to feast upon Eggs Benedict casserole, pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones with cranberry butter, fruit, juice and a Danish ring. Yum! Don't ask why there are no photos of the food, okay?

The pattern for the November quilt was Eggs Benedict. Mary used a Clermont Farm jelly roll to construct her top. It is gorgeous!

 Barbara made hers from a Christmas-themed jelly roll. Hmmm, which one was that?

 No matter! It's going to be so warm and comfy on Christmas morning.

 Lynne made hers from Objects of Desire. It is bright and beautiful!

Jennifer is getting a little picky. Well, a lot picky.
 The only thing that makes having to take out a boo boo better is knowing that you can get encouragement and sympathy from everyone around you! We'll have you laughing and chatting so much that you will forget the pain of having to take out seams!

There is always fun conversation, tons of sewing and running back to the food table for a little munching.   

 This is Sherrie's beautiful Christmas Eggs Benedict. 

And this is my Eggs Benedict top, made from a Lumiere de Noel jelly roll, that still needs to be quilted! Oy.

 The girls worked hard to get their first completed blocks up on the design wall. As you can see, they are very different and all beautiful!

Can you say "Olé!" ? December's quilt is called Mexican Fiesta Eggs! Sherrie made this top and it's adorable!
Come on and join us on Wednesday, December 15 at 9:00 AM, for breakfast, quilting and friendship.
You'll love it!