Monday, February 28, 2011

Something Yummy This Way Comes!

This coming Saturday is strip club! Where does the time go? Want a sneak peek at the fabric that we will be making the next quilt from? Yes?
Here it is:

 Hey, there, Delilah
(By Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit)

 Is this not the most perfect fabric for Spring?!

 Oh, swoon, sigh.

Join us this coming Saturday and to see the Sumarai Squares quilts that our strippers made live and in person!
It's a whole lot of fun.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breakfast Club!

 We always have the best time at breakfast club. Not only do we get to eat, we get to chat and quilt! This month we made a Dutch Breakfast quilt. It's full of snappy little pinwheels that, I surmise, represent the windmills that dot Holland. Barbara brought her now famous chocolate cupcakes filled with a peanut butter cup and iced in chocolate ganache. Jennifer brought our favorite bagels and Nutella and Mary made a blueberry-oatmeal bake that was divine. Sherrie supplied the juice and I made the recipe that accompanied the quilt pattern- Dutch breakfast cake. It was, um, good.
Back to quilting! We started right in cutting strips and getting prepped for sewing.
Jennifer demonstrates the proper way to measure cuts.

This was Pat's first time joining us and Sherrie was there to guide her step-by-step.

 I resisted the urge to include the photo of Barbara smarting off to me. lol Instead, here she is carefully planning her blocks.

 Here's Mary demonstrating the proper way to cut your fabric- with a glove on to protect her hand! She's such a smart cookie.

 Aleta popped by the shop and shared this wedding ring quilt that she had just finished quilting on her new Handi Quilter! Great job, Aleta!

 The beginnings of Pat's Dutch Breakfast quilt.

 And here she is showing off her first block:

 And Jennifer's:

 And Barbara's:

 And Mary's:

For some reason this photo wants to be attached to Mary! This is Sherrie's Diamond Scones quilt for our March breakfast club. Cute, huh? You can find mine here. It's still not quilted! Oy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show Off

One thing I love about working at AST is that I get to see the quilts that come in the door on a daily basis. Tuesday brought in a group of quilters from Stone Mountain (all members if the Gwinnett Quilter's Guild)!
This is Mary and her beautiful Christmas-inspired quilt top:

Oh, swoon, sigh. I love this quilt. And, the fact that she chose a few pieces of Kansas Troubles Favorites to back and bind this piece of sweetness, will make it even more beautiful!
We had a little snow here in Georgia last night. I hope Mary was able to finish her quilt so she could snuggle up as the flakes fell. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mary Poppins' Carpet Bag of Quilts

Saturday morning, after strip club had finished, our Silver Thimble Club met in the classroom. Pat chased me down to tell me that there was a great photo op for the blog happening down there so, off I raced with my camera. This is what I found:

 A huge pile of quilts. Actually, this is the final pile. Most of the quilts came out of a carry-on sized suitcase. It was, literally, like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. The quilts just kept coming!

 And whose suitcase was this, you might ask? It belongs to this gal- Aleta, the queen of quilting. From the above Christmas quilt, to an embroidered Atlanta Falcons quilt....

 She took a moment to allow Claudia to share her Honeyberries quilt...

 then they both showed off their harlequin quilts..

 and another!

 Hey! That's not Aleta! No, it's Mona proudly sharing this quilt that her 7 year old granddaughter, Trinity, made. Grandma attached the borders, but the piecing was done by Trinity. A new quilter is born!

 Off to the woods with Aleta's deer quilt,

 And a break for Carol's Twinkie quilt. Cute!

 A mammoth patchwork. I love the homliness of a patchwork quilt.

 Carol snuck in yet another of her creations. I'll call this quilt Sweet Treats as I can't write the real name on the blog. It contains all of Carol's faves- Skittles, pretzels, cookies, Twizzlers, cupcakes, nonpariels, etc. I gained 5 pounds just looking at it!

 Aleta was all rested up and ready to show off her quilting prowess.

I just have one question. Aleta, honey, when do you sleep?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I heart Strip Club!

 I do. It's the most fun you can have on a Saturday morning!
Here's what the Scarlet Strippers have made over the past month:
  This is Jennifer's Picture Frames quilt. Sorry for the blurry shot. She kept moving!

 Barbara made this cutie-patootie Picture Frame baby quilt. A-dorable!

 And Sandy, our sweet over-achiever, made three baby quilts, all from one strip set! Talk about bang for your buck!



 And #3!

This is Mary Carol's first strip club quilt!  Now, she made two but blogger did not allow the second photo to appear. Bad blogger.

 Also a first time stripper, Norma  made this little gem in blue. L.O.V.E.

 Angie surprised up by not only completing her Picture Frame top but, it is also quilted and bound. Yikes!

 She also made this adorable log cabin and star quilt for her parents. Lucky them!

 Jody is another first time visitor and she shared this patchwork quilt that she called an "antique" because she has been working on it for at least ten years! All it needs is a binding and, voila, done!

 I think Lynne must have bought all of the Objects of Desire fabric that we had. This is the last of it made into a fab Twister quilt. It's lovely!

 Her Dream Catcher quilt is divine. I love those soft colors.

 Our own Wendy has been a busy bee! This is her striking Myopia quilt...

 and a Christmas stack-n-slash....

 and dreamy Petal Pop...

 and her sublime Romantic Getaway! Yay, Wendy!!

 Ack. Here's my Picture Frame baby quilt done in black with some Mary Engelbreit thrown in for good measure. Don't you love how Karen and I are hiding behind it? 
So, what are we making for the month of February? 


 Samurai Squares. Wendy made the orange version and

 Sherrie made the blue version. Both of them are amazing! 
If you came to strip club and need a little reminder of how things go together, here's the story board for you:

See you next month!