Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Us on the Patio!

We're having a sale and someone had to give up a lot for it to happen. This photo says it all! We pried bolts of fabric from Angela's hands- over 600 of them!- to bring you this amazing sale. Read Karen's e-mail below to get the details!


There's a HOARDER in our midst!!!

I would have never believed it...but our very own Angela is a hoarder! A fabric hoarder that is! I was told by our decorator that due to the excessive amount of fabric that we have on order from market, we won't be able to shelve it if we don't do a little thinning out. So off we went with a list of fabrics to interview for mark down. After we pulled tons of bolts off our showroom floor, we had an idea to visit our workroom where Angela stores bolts of fabric she’s using for kits & bundles. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Karin, Angela and I started pulling fabric from her "stash" and before we knew it we had 600+ bolts of fabric to go into our sale!!!
Thus, the PATIO SALE is being planned! Be here this Wednesday thru Saturday (5/25-28/11) and step out onto our patio for the sale of the year! All these beautiful fabrics are priced at $6.99 per yard (1 yard min cuts) and if you buy 10 yards or more...get it for just $5.99 per yard! That's 10 yards of fabric for just $59.99...you can't beat it! (All flannels are $3.99 per yard) The selection is incredible, and Angela is crying because her shelves are totally empty! So be here with your piggy bank (and a tissue for Fabriella) and take home a ton-o-fabric for just a little moo-la!
 Can you believe this? It's so awesome! 
Search under your sofa cushions, empty your husband's pockets,  dig through your purse, count your pennies and head on over to AST for this huge event! And you might want to give Angela a little hug while you're there. She needs a little cheering up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Try This Winner.

Instead of taking a cranky chicken out of her nesting box, I simply asked my daughter to choose a number between 1 and 56. (I took out duplicate entries so everyone had a fair chance.) What number did she choose? #36
Sooo- congratulations Bill and Maggie! You won our Spring giveaway! By default, but you won any way. :) You can either e-mail us your address or pop by the shop to pick up your prize. Please pick up your prize!
Happy sewing!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So, I Was Looking at the Moda Website........

and I found Ken and Karen saying, "Cheese!" in the Moda photo booth at market! How cute are they?

(If they see this, it might be my last blog post. lol)
Remember how I said we love it when customers bring in their quilts (and other things) to share? 
When they do I make a mad dash for my camera to document their success. 
This is Karen's beautiful blue Blooming Nine Patch. It is really gorgeous.

This is Alex. Alex quilts. Alex quilts very well. We love Alex.

His red and blue Diamond Light quilt is super-de-duper spectacular!

See that smile? One comes with every quilt he makes. :) 
Another reason we love Alex. 
Don't forget- when you make a quilt, bring it into the shop to share. I'll take your photo and post it here on the blog. You'll be famous!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What if you hosted a giveaway....

and the winner never responded with their mailing information? Well, you would walk by their prize, all neatly packaged and waiting for them every. single.day. and be sad. Very sad.
We're going to give the winner until Monday, May 23 at noon to respond or we will have to drag Lady Flora out of Cluckingham Palace once again to draw a new winner.
Please, don't make us do it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bring, Brag and Breakfast Club!

We love when our customers bring in things that they've made. It just makes our day!
 Rosilind made a beautiful tote bag out of the scraps she chose from our scrap baskets. Scraps, people! 
Super adorable. 

Linda ( back to) brought her Picture Frames quilt to finish. She embroidered phrases from children's church songs around the inner border. Simply perfect.

Last Thursday, the Cherokee Rose Guild from Douglasville, Ga, came to see the shop and do a little shopping. After getting the full tour from Angela, they shopped until they dropped.

It was a little busy while they were there, but we had a great time!

Seeing double? No, there are twin sisters in the guild! How cute are they?

You can't see him but there is actually a man, Charlie, holding up his quilt that he made from the fabulous Kiyomi fabric. This is seriously gorgeous. But, wait! There's more!

Look at this. Is this not amazing? Stunning! Really, this photo does not do it justice.

Equally as beautiful is Jeurice's batik compass quilt. Here she is standing in the Batiki Lounge with her husband, Charlie. (Not the one from above.)

This morning, Sherrie and I co-hosted Breakfast Club. Barb came armed to share her Pumpkin and Pecan Waffle table runner.  It's just lovely.

Here's the whole crowd working diligently on their projects.

Mary is never without her Klutz glove, a great way to save your fingers from that nasty sharp rotary cutter.

This was Jane's first visit to Breakfast Club. Notice there is no sewing machine in front of her. That's because..

she hand-pieces her quilts. What a hero.

Every stitch perfectly executed,

creating a perfect whole. That is absolute green goodness.

Barb carefully attached her Angler 2 to her sewing machine. 
No chance for her not making perfect half-square triangles!

Carolyn, a visitor from North Carolina, brought some handwork to do while her daughter, Beth, quilted. We were fascinated with her project- Swedish or Huck weaving.

Look at how delicate this is- so pretty.

Who is this smiling girl? Beth, who just mastered a mitered corner on the border of her Shadowbox quilt. 
Yay, for Beth!

One of my favorite people and superb quilter, Harriette, with her cool blue Granny's Granola block.
One day I will be able to match up my points like she does. One day.

Mary has been making quilts for Soldier's Angels. This quilt was made as a request from a friend at her church. The camouflage pieces, including the pocket, are from his uniforms worn during Desert Storm. The quilts Mary makes will be going to Germany, to injured soldiers. What a beautiful and touching gesture on her friend's part, as well as Mary's. You can find out more about this project here.

Finally, Mary shares her finished Granny's Granola block.

Oh, no! Can you believe that I didn't take a snap of Sherrie's Pinwheel Puffs quilt for next month? Come back tomorrow and I will share it here. Oy! What was I thinking?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Four Ring Circus!

Saturday stared off with a bang as our own Angela, aka Fabirella, donned her cheesy fab moustache and top hat to become the ringmaster of the AST Four Ring circus! There were four events scheduled that day- Strip Club, Anita Goodesigns Diamond Club, Toy Time with Barbara Brooks and Crazy Curves with Barbara. I hope you were there to be a part of the craziness!

 She had every detail planned, down to the Prize Table with baskets of goodies for everyone that attended Saturday's events. How did you get a prize? Each event gave you a ticket that you could redeem at the end of the day. There were some awesome goodies in those baskets!

 The barker's call went out promptly at 8:30 and the crowd quickly gathered!

 No circus is complete without a side show or two. The strippers did a great job of entertaining us with their quilts made over the past month. Let's take a peek through the tent flaps:

 Angie the Mad Stitcher is up first with her beautiful All Stars quilt. Gor-geous!

Have you been to Breakfast Club? We have the best time. You just can't beat the eating-chatting-quilting combo! This is Angie's Pumpkin and Pecan Waffles quilt from last month. We'll be making Granny's Granola in May. You should join us!

 It's been a busy month for Jennifer, that's why her quilt tops are almost finished. This is her Rising Star quilt and it is going to be a stunner!

 And her just-about-done All Stars. I love that mustard-y background! So cool. 

 This little stripper almost didn't bring her quilt to share but her husband talked her into bringing it along. Well, we sure are glad he did! Love the flow of color in this quilt! Job well done!

 Isn't it amazing how you can take the same pattern and, by making your own fabric choices, make a quilt look completely different? Same pattern, same strips yet Stephanie's dreamy All Stars is all her own!

 And now for something completely different- Look. At. This! Stephanie's Crazy Curves she made 5 years ago. It is so spot on (pardon the pun)! Every jaw in the room dropped when she opened up this beauty and then they all wanted to take the class later in the day with Barbara!

 Don't you love the pink in the background of this stripper's quilt? It gives it such a soft, romantic feel. Lovely.

You would never know that this quilt was made in the Beginning Quilting class! Seriously, we have some of the most talented customers! We offer three beginning quilting classes, with awesome teachers, so you can be sure to find one just for you!

 Angela and Sherrie Curtis shared these fabulous appliqued quilts that Sherrie whipped up in her spare time! (Sherrie is also one of our Beginning Quilting teachers.) Using Zebra Patterns line of floral banners,

 you could make one for your own front porch. Or make all of them! Your neighbors will be so jealous.

 I just love when Miss Barbara comes to visit. She is just the sweetest gal. These blocks were made by her mother, by hand, with bits of this and that. The red Dresden Plate is picture perfect and this-

the little Pickle Dish is darling. What a treasure to have! Thank you for sharing them, Barbara!
Once Strip Club is over, it's a mad dash into the shop to snatch up leisurely shop for the background, accents and borders for May's Strip Club quilt. 

 Colleen came in last week to choose hers. She walked the store, bringing bolts back to the fabric line, and made her choices. Before anyone knew what she was doing Saturday, she had her fabrics in hand, cut and bought in a jiffy! What a clever duck.

 Speaking of next month's quilt, here it is:
Pieced by Sherrie Curtis and quilted by Wendy Woodruff.

The fabric is Summer Breeze by Moda and the pattern is Harvest by Cozy Quilt Designs
both available at the shop.
So, what classes will you be taking in May?

PS- melamiller789 we're still waiting to hear from you so we can get your giveaway prize in the mail! Please e-mail us at info@ascarletthread.com with your mailing address and we will get it right out to you!