Monday, August 22, 2011

Show Offs, Part 2

Ah, Breakfast Club. We have such a good time there! How could we not? Good food, lovely company and quilting. It's the perfect combination.
Barbara finished her Diamond Scones quilt and it is F.A.B! Love those purples, greens and blues. Yum

Raspberry Crepes,  Laurel Burch style.
What a great way of getting out of making a ton of those little strips. ;)

Ann is hiding behind her gorgeous Christmas Raspberry Crepes table runner. Lovely!

This month's quilt was called Stuffed French Toast. We munched on all things stuffed- Danish stuffed with fruit and cheese, French toast stuffed with cream cheese (not my favorite) and Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Really- look.

I actually ate one. And I don't like Oreos or chocolate chip cookies.

Carmen was totally focused on piecing together her first block. She chose some really beautiful batiks.

And Sherrie showed off that first block for her! Man, I love that green. And the purple.

Marge showed off her so-so cute table runner that she made with the cutest chicken fabric ever.
It's just clucky. (I know, I know. That was bad.)

After breakfast Club was over I popped into the shop to find Ginny showing off her Jelly Roll 1600 quilts. Have you heard about them? You can watch a video here. I have my jelly roll picked out and ready to go!

Seriously, how cute are they?

They made Linda deliriously happy. :)

Ginny also made the cover quilt from the Autumn Fons and Porter Easy Quilts magazine. It's total candy corn adorableness. And those prairie points? They just make me happy. (But not as happy as Linda.)

Last, but not least, Jennifer popped in with her Darcy quilt from Mary's Schnibbles and Bits class. It's so bright and cheery, just like Jennifer.

I'll be back at work tomorrow, with my camera battery charged. You know the drill- come on by and bring something for show and tell.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Show Us Your Stuff.

Some of our favorite people stopped by the shop to show off their latest projects! We love when they do that. It's so much fun to see what's being created in their sewing rooms!

Barbara made this adorable little quilt for her grandson.
 I bet looking at those pictures is going to keep him busy for hours. :)

Lisa Marie made her Katie Cupcake My Favorite Bag in batiks. It's pink and purple lusciousness!

This is Ron. This is Ron's quilt. This is the quilt Ron said he would make when he retired. It's a fabulous version of Yellow Brick Road. Um, Ron, we can't wait for you to bring in your next quilt!

Last but not least, Mary Frances brought in a quilt that she made for her daughter about 25 years ago. The colors are so soft and sweet and the hand quilting is magnificent! What is she up to now? Well, Mary Frances is going to make a bigger version of the same quilt!

I can't wait to see it!

Don't forget to bring your latest project by the shop! We'll snap your photo and put you here on the blog. You'll be famous. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sparkle of Peggy Barkle.

Do you ever meet somone and instantly like them? That's how I felt meeting Peggy Barkle last Saturday. She is so nice, so calm, so talented, so gorgeous, so nice. Wait, I said nice twice. Well, that's because she is!

While I was in the classroom taking photographs, Peggy asked each of her students, individually, how long they have been quilting and what they love about it. And then, she listened. In fact, everyone listened over the background hum of their sewing machines working on the Curvaceous Cabins they had come to make.

Everyone who came loved this class. Productivity was high as was creativity!

Lynn's lovely Asian-inspired cabins.

Shirley making sure every cut is just so.

Busy, busy, busy.

Everyone's blocks came together perfectly.




Time for me to go so these girls could finish what they started!

We have two more classes being taught by Peggy this Fall-

(Just click on the link and then change the calendar to the appropriate month.)

You'll want to be there!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Else Do You Do in the Dog Days of August?

It has been so stinkin' hot here in Georgia. Upper 90's, some 100's. Just awful. So, to counteract the heat, the Scarlet Strippers gathered together to cool off and show off!

Georgianna came in ready to shop with her new bag that she made! It's adorable. Lovely, juicy colors and superb craftsmanship. I think we need a bag class, don't you? ;) ;)

Sherrie was up early and brought Windows to the World, Laura's newest bundle pattern! If you know Sherrie you know, when she has a choice, it's going to be batiks. Good thing we've started making batik bundles! They're a steal at $40 and they. are. gorgeous!

And if you really know Sherrie, you know how much she loves Amy Bradley designs. This little cutie is available as a free pattern just for our AST shoppers! It can say anything you want but we thought you'd like to know how much we love you.

Dr. Seuss was on the loose at Lynne's house this past month. Good thing she caught all those crazy characters and got them pinned down in this adorable quilt!

Do you remember Picture Frames from January? Here's Lynne's KING sized version. No wonder it too her so long to get it made! It's really very pretty and worth the wait.

Deanna, the Serger Queen struck again with this amazing Honeyberries quilt! If you click on the photo you can see the detail. It made what, to me, was a so-so quilt and transformed it into something awesome!

And, she got her Hashbrowns Christmas quilt done! Her dining table is going to sparkle and shine this coming Christmas. Oh, and check out the tassels- she made them!

I love Barb. She pretty much tells it like it is and does it as she want to get it done. Which is why her Hashbrowns quilt isn't Hashbrowns- it's a log cabin! And it is positively gorgeous!

After show and tell it's time to get down to business. The girls all had their strips in hand, a pattern to read and Sherrie lead them through the instructions to make yet another beautiful quilt for their collections.

Have you seen lotus blossoms? There is a pond near my house that has been taken over by them. Every year, starting in May and going through July, the lotus blossoms appear like pink popcorn. Each day is a new show and I can't help but stop and snap a photo or two. (Or three or ten...) If you love them as much as I do.......

you are going to love August's strip club quilt!

It's called Lotus Blossom and it's done in luscious bright batiks! You should have seen the choices for background and accent colors - there are going to be some stunning quilts next month!
Don't forget to come by and see them.

Tomorrow? How about a few snaps from Peggy Barkle's Curvaceous Cabins class? Yes? Okay!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sew. Much. To. Catch. Up. On.

If you've been by the shop you know I've been back a while. Sorry for not posting. We have been so busy at the shop getting ready for the big birthday sale, making fab new batik bundles and bringing out new fabrics that I have hardly had time to take a picture!

I did get a chance to snap Suzette with her gorgeous Round Robin quilt. She and three friends took one year to complete this project giving each of them time to mull over what they wanted to include on their friend's quilts. Suzette made the center block and then it was passed along not to be seen for almost 365 days. That's a long time to wait but it was totally worth it! Click on the photo to make it bigger so you can see how talented these women are.

Last Friday brought the adorable Jennie Weaver down from the Northside for our Sassy Scarlets class. We had a ball making Trees for Sale! I love this pattern. You really should join us- we'll be working on this quilt again in September!

Here's Wendy cutting out her pieces.....

and her completed blocks using a Jovial layer cake by Basic Grey.

She wasn't the only one who chose this beautiful line. Lynne chose it for her blocks-

and so did Teresa!

and they all turned out differently. Every single one. 

Jennifer chose to make hers from Jason Yenter's Wintergraphix line. Scrumptious.

Look at those cute dots and swirls, will you?!

Nancy picked her fabrics from her stash to make her blocks. Classic Christmas.

See? She must have one awesome stash.

Tracey attended last month's class and started her Trees for Sale done in animal prints while there and finished it and did not bring it to show us! I hope she remembers it next month because all of us are dying to see it. Instead, she had a Christmas version nearly completed and finished it in class!

Jennie helped her lay out the blocks and in no time they had this:


Just in case you think all I did was take pictures, I will share my blocks.

I used a Punctuation (by American Jane) layer cake from the shop. I agonized over what I was going to use and picked this the day before class. Nice, huh? I actually really like how they are turning out (after a few surgical procedures with the seam ripper, that is.) Now I just have to finish them. Because I know Wendy already has hers done. Not that there's any competition here. ;)

Tomorrow I'll have our show and tell from strip club plus some shots of Peggy Barkle's Curvaceous Cabins class. Say that five times fast.