Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Easy Road Home.

This is a little pattern I designed a while ago. I called it The Easy Road Home because it's so stinkin' simple! Wendy quilted it for me and she did such a beautiful job. The fabric is Nest by Valori Wells for Free Spirit. It would be pretty done in her new Wrenly line, too! Or anything, really. The world's your oyster!

This pattern is available as a free pattern with fabric purchase at the shop. So, really, there's no excuse not to make one!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bargello With a Twist of Barkle.

Who has these women hanging on her every word?

Peggy Barkle, of course!

And why?

So they could work their magic in making a Twisted Bargello quilt!
It all starts with choosing 20 fabrics and then arranging them on a story board.

After that, you cut strips. Lots of strips. And sew them together.

Measure and cut and sew.

And cut and sew some more. And before you know it, you have this:

And this:

And this:

Or, how about this?

Or this?

And, then, there's this one.

And this one.

More? Okay!

By the end of the day most of the women had at least this much of their quilt made. I find that to be an extraordinary feat.

To take something as simple as strips and stitch them into this is an absolute wonder.
Peggy said she could teach any beginner to make this quilt and I believe her.
This group had such a good time that a lot of them are going to do it again, this time in
 Peggy's Circular Bargello class.
I can't wait to see how those quilts turn out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Strip Club

I bet you thought this post would never show up! Me, too. Just having a little problem loading the photos- they loaded wherever they wanted to! But, at least they're here.
Let's see who had something to show-off this month.

Lynne came to share her Trees for Sale quilt she made at the Sassy Scarlets club. How adorable is this?

And this tool-themed Take 5 quilt which is for one of her grandsons.

The fabulous Peggy Barkle came to help some of the girls choose their fabrics for her upcoming Twisted Bargello class and to show off her Zentangle-inspired mini quilt. Have you Zentangled? It's a whole lot of fun and this quilt is just super.

Karen showed off the newest bundle quilt designed by Laura Coons. It's called Border Patch and uses, fittingly, one of our border bundles. Love it!

So, here's next month's quilt. I told you that things were loading randomly! Honestly.
Isn't this gorgeous? The pattern is Braid Works. Angela and Wendy had a great time choosing Autumn colors to make this quilt stand out. You can find it hanging in the shop!

And, in case you're having trouble remembering how it all goes together, here's Sherrie's story board!

Okay, back to show and tell.
Georgianna has been making bags again. Beautiful bags, as always.
Angela, we need a bag class!

Jennifer and her son proudly display her Schnibbles and Bits Club quilts. Wow, say that five times, fast!

Barb and her beautiful Lotus Blossom table topper. She really does love it. I just need to get these girls to smile for the camera!

Like this. That's better! This is Barb's Breakfast Club project from August. Wait until you see September's!

Colleen went the extra mile and beyond with her Hash Browns quilt from July. Oh. My. Gosh! This quilt is stunning! Great job, Colleen. :)

Well, hello there, Lynn and her extraordinary Lotus Blossom quilt!

And Stonehenge quilt, and.....

her "practice" Circular Bargello. Really, this girl is amazing.

So is Deanna, who shared her Power Serge table topper!

Sandy completed her Wine Country top with absolute perfection.

So, there you have it! Another month full of incredible quilts made with love and some pretty amazing talent.
How about that?