Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's Better Than Making Out Your New Year's Resolution List?

Coming into the shop and getting great deals* on fabric! Really, Karen and Angela have gone to great lengths to make sure that the classroom is full of fabulous stuff. And, at $4.99, $3.99 and, gulp. $2.99 a yard- well, you need to get over here asap! Don't be conservative- if you end the bolt you get an additional $1 off a yard!! We started off with 750 bolts lining the tables and Angela and I cut and cut and cut yardage until we have about 500 left! So, come one over and take a peek! 
See you there!

*in-store only. Sale ends Thursday, Dec. 29.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You Ready for Christmas?

I'm not, but that's another story. I think that this year has flown by quicker than any year in the past. It's funny how that works. Time seems to blur from one day to the next and the next thing you know, bam- it's FIVE days before Christmas! I don't know about you, but every year I am determined to get things done months in advance so that the holidays are peaceful and calm. It hasn't worked yet. 
 There are some people who have been accomplishing things though! 

 Ginny came by with her completed strip club top- the Monday after strip club! It's a super easy quilt with big impact no matter what fabric you choose! I love how everything in this quilt came together to look like the sea on a calm day. It's beautiful!

And how about a little Fashionista Buggy Barn style? Seriously, this quilt has it all, especially the drama! 
How could you not love this? Great job, Glenna!
So, what have you been making in your Santa's workshop?  Tell us or, better yet, bring it by the shop and we'll post it here! Maybe that will inspire me to get my stuff finished! ;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And Now For The Rest of Strip Club....

Ready? Let's go!

Do you remember Cactus Wreath? We made this in strip club two years ago, I think. This is Liz's finished quilt. It's gorgeous! And, hand quilted. Good things are worth waiting for.

Gale made a pillow case using our new UGA fabric! Cute, cute, cute!

Diana, who says she does not sew, took the fabric used for her daughter's baby shower tablecloth and made an adorable little frog quilt. Now she just has to make another one because her daughter is having twins! Boys! Congratulations, Diana!

How did Gale get out of order? This is a sweet quilt for her daughter made with puppy dog covered fleece and a dog paw print border. Someone is going to be super cozy this winter!

Elaine showed off her elegant Letty Bag. Have you made one yet? They whip together in a snap!

Mary shared two quilts that she made, for a family that her daughter has "adopted", for Christmas. There are four girls and each one is receiving a quilt made with love by Mary.

They are going to love them.

Now, are you ready to see next month's strip club quilt? Yes?

It's called With a Twist! I love the blue batiks in this quilt. Really pretty. I cannot wait to see how many different ways this quilt will go together!

Just in case you need a little reminder of how it all goes together, here's a shot of Sherrie's story board.

After strip club, Angela showed off some of the samples from upcoming classes and new products!

I don't know if you can really see the adorableness of these wool ornaments or not. We have the kits at the shop- again. They fairly flew off the shelves last Saturday after strip club!

Need a quick gift for Christmas? How about giving a One Block, Many Settings quilt? Or, just give the kit and a coupon for a day of sewing with a friend! Either way, it's a wonderful present.

Sherrie will be back next year teaching machine applique at its best! How cute is this?

And Sheri will once again be teaching a Snippets class! Her first one was a huge hit. You will not want to miss this one! Yes, that's all fabric!

We will have a new class this year- Scarlet Rules!- where you will learn how to use all of those fab rulers we have in stock! No more sitting on the shelf for them. We'll help you put them to good use!

Our very first Block of the Month for 2012! It's called Birds and it is stunning! There will be a sew-in on January 13th at 6:00 pm. You will definitely want to join in on the fun!

Mary's next Stashbuster's club won't meet until February which will give you plenty of time to sort through your scraps to make this super cute quilt! I love the hidden arrows. Do you see them?

Last, but not least, the adorable Samantha came to tell us about her school's quilt raffle. This quilt, made by her mom, Mary, is the prize! The pattern is called Fire Escape. It's a great pattern. The raffle proceeds go to help Samantha's school program, The Piedmont Academy Fine Arts Society, raise funds to help them build sets and costumes for their one act plays. 
We are very grateful to all of our customers who stopped by Samantha's table to purchase raffle tickets! You all have the most generous and giving hearts. Thank you. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Strip Club Saturday!

I know, I'm late. Please forgive me. But, if you were at strip club on Saturday, you know that I have been a bit under the weather with a nasty cold courtesy of my granddaughter, Emma. Thank you, Emma, you are such a sharing girl.  
Anyway, this was our last strip club of the year and we went out with a bang! There were some awesome quilts, lots of fun door prizes and then a sampling of what you will be seeing next year in our classroom at AST! In fact, it was so much it's going to take two posts. So here is part 1 for you. Enjoy!

Look at this crowd! I love all of these people. They are so much fun to be around.

It was nice to see Teresa and some of her beautiful little quilts. She has such a great sense of color.

Each one is like a little jewel.

So cute! Who doesn't love this classic combination of color? Lovely. It was Teresa's happy birthday on Saturday! It was nice of her to spend it with us. :)

Ginny shared her this gorgeous quilt made from a Quilt of Valor pattern. It's for a family member for Christmas. It is beautiful!

Carol finished her Rainbow Chain quilt from our last retreat. It is so stinking cute! I love the colors.

Lisa Marie has been busy making bundle quilts. This one is a batik version of Border Patch.

And this is the beginnings of her Mission Frame quilt. Every quilt that Lisa Marie makes has a little bit of purple in it. I'm not sure but it might be her favorite color!

Angie rocks! She actually made last month's strip club quilt! She was pretty excited to get her 20% off background coupon for completing it. It's just really pretty. 

Fore!!!!! Gerri made this super-cute golf-themed quilt. The back is just as cute as the front.  I think her husband is going to love it.

 You can always count on Stephanie to put her own twist on a pattern. This is Timber, one of the first strip club patterns. She set her trees to stand tall instead of tipping over and it gives her quilt a modern feel.

 Colleen had two quilts to share- one made from a bundle (I love this fabric. So pretty!)

 And one made from her stash. This is a classic light and shadow log cabin pattern. What isn't classic is her color choice and the fact that at the center of each block is not the traditional red square but a chicken! Seriously, who doesn't love a good chicken quilt?

Kris came with his own quilt show. Really. I don't know how he does it, but he makes the best quilts. This one was a block of the month from Quilts 'n' Fixin's from last year.  Beautiful!

And this luscious trapunto quilt made everyone swoon.  He said that stuffing the flowers took longer than making the top. It was totally with the effort, Kris.

 This Barn Dance quilt was my favorite one of all. It's made with 30's fabrics set on a black background. That choice transported this quilt into the 21st century.

Here's the back. If you look closely, the quilter used yellow thread to quilt each flower making the back standout on its own. 

Kris' Love and Comfort quilt. I love the chocolate brown he chose for the setting triangles and the bold pop of raspberry as his border. Oh,wait! That's because I helped him pick them out. hee hee

A sweet little Mary Engelbreit top and 

a gorgeous throw made from Martinique by 3 Sisters for Moda. Lovely!
Doesn't this make you want to come to strip club?! It is so much fun!
Come back by tomorrow and I'll have the rest of the stripper quilts and the class projects that Angela shared. (Blogger will not let me add any more photos to this post right now.) You are going to love them!