Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And what better way to end it than with Strip Club! We had 50 "strippers" join us early on a Saturday morning, ready and waiting to share their creations. But, first, Angela showed off some of AST's upcoming classes and block of the month quilts!

If you've been to AST then you have seen some of the amazing Block of the Month quilts we have hanging in the shop. This one is no different! Well, maybe it is- it's a paper pieced quilt this time! 

This is Mary's Texas Star quilt. It's lovely and soft colors make me think of spring. This was a class and we do have kits available. Awesome.

Coming up on Dec. 19 is the Sew Easy Strata Star class, also with Mary! She's such a busy girl and a great teacher! Be sure to sign up for this one- these make wonderful Christmas gifts!

I don't know what happened, but I have lost the photo of Kris' beautiful antique sewing machine! Maybe he will bring it back net month so I can get another photo. :(

Deanna whipped up a fleecy soccer themed quilt using the bias binder foot on her sewing machine! According to Deanna, it worked like a charm. Hmmm, I might have to try that!

Barbara had her embroidery machine humming along making these darling recipe tea towels!

And she had time to whip up a string quilt in glorious Christmas colors and....

Grand Central, Christmas style and....

Equinox! Good night above, I think she's trying to give Ginny a run for her money. ;)

Speaking of Ginny, take a look at these adorable pillows created on her embroidery machine with preloaded designs. Cute, cute, cute!

How about some holiday place mats with matching coasters?

Or a Christmas Fun'N'Done?

Or a couple of Easy Striped table runners? Ginny made multiples of each, guaranteeing that it will be a Merry Christmas for her friends and family.

Karen strikes again, in tiny form! Look how cute this little baby quilt is!

And this so-so cute Jennifer Chiaverinni Giving Quilt!

Lest you think that Karen only works with minute pieces of fabric, here's a life-size log cabin table runner.

Karen's sister, Susan, made this quilt for her daughter to hang on the wall at school. Great colors and super graphic pattern!

Lynn delighted us with her Galaxy baby quilt and

an Illusion table runner and

a sweet Santa-themed panel quilt. Love.

Rose completed her handkerchief quilt with hand quilting hearts in each of the blocks! It's beautiful!

Huberta, the Fabric Bowl Queen, shared some of her latest creations! She'll be teaching a class in January and it sure to be a blast! Such a great way to use up scraps.

Jackie shared her original design flannel play mat made for her friend's newest grandchild. (Who isn't here yet but will be soon!) How cute are those owls? Such a great pattern. :)

This is a Perfect Ten, by the Swirly Girls, whipped up in S'Noel by Dana Brooks. Darling! I love how Jackie puts things together.

Well, that brings us to this month's Strip Club pattern, Spin Cycle, made using  Flea Market Fancy (with a little Delighted! thrown in for good measure.)

I think it's a winner, how about you?

We had our shop Christmas party last week. Every year we draw names and this year, I drew Karen Taylor! What to do, what to do? Terre' had us put some helpful hints down on paper and Karen indicated that she wanted black socks. Black socks? Really? Well, off to work I went.......

and this is what she got- a laundry fairy hanging out her black socks! To add to the fun, Cookie arranged for all of us to give Karen a pair of black socks for her collection. She now has enough to last until 2020. At least. ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Takin' a Break From All That Market Chatter...

I hope you're not too tired of hearing about market but, just in case, how about a little strip club fun?
Did you go to the Quilter's Retreat last month? It was Karen's birthday and we celebrated it with the quilter's choir singing Happy Birthday and homemade cupcakes! She's such a cute birthday girl.

Also cute is Lynn's quilt block! It reminds me of those drawings we did in art class when I was in elementary school. You know, the ones where you color the page then color over the whole thing with black crayon and then scratch away the top layer to create a design. This is much better!

Lynn has also been channeling her creative energy to create an original quilt for her daughter. I see a frog in there, do you?

Angie gathered all of her scraps and made a pineapple quilt using the Pineapple Tool. (I love that ruler!) This quilt is amazing!

Judy made this adorable quilt using a charm pack and the Off Kilter pattern by Jelly Jar Quilts, which happens to be me. (Pardon the tooting of my own horn here- this was my first printed pattern!) She says it is her go-to pattern for charm packs! Thank you so much, Judy!

Terri finished her Paradise Found quilt and it is gorgeous! It's a great pattern and the colors are fab!

Diane shows off her Equinox quilt. It is framed perfectly in that dark green, and

a double wedding ring quilt that she made for her son. I left out the photo of where the dog ate a portion of it. Poor quilt! And maybe poor dog.

Lisa Marie has been "quilting" with a crochet hook. Can't you just see her snuggled up in this on a cold winter's night?

And, she's making one for company! I need to get out my yarn.....

Colleen has been applique crazy! These little banners are from the beginning applique class with Sherrie. They are so adorable!

Mandy brought in a Quilts of Valor quilt that she made for one of our military heroes. Thank you, Mandy, from the families of our brave soldiers. You are a hero!

Karen was at it again, making a teeny-weeny little quilt to hang on the wall of her doll house. This one is a whole cloth quilt, a nice easy project when Amara's cute little hands are there to help!

Laura has done it again! This time her Splendor quilt is in the Nov-Dec McCall's Quick Quilts!

The editor's renamed the quilt Jelly Roll Jingle, but it's the same pattern that you can see hanging in the man cave at the shop! Congratulations, Laura!

This is another of Laura's patterns, yet to be named. It's gorgeous!

Marcia tackled the incredible Diamond Jubilee by Nancy Smith and it came out trumps.

And this little gem is a quilt in progress.

If that weren't enough, she made this stunning quilt using the Drunkard's Path template. Whew! Such a busy girl!

Linda has also been busy making these

super-cute baby quilts

for the Christians Women's Center.

I am sure they will be much appreciated and loved!

Liz has out her shoulder to the wheel and whipped up pyjama pants and

pillow cases for her entire family!

No one gets bored at strip club. :)

Cookie made the Bali Island Hobo bag from Auntie's Two. The colors are luscious and she still has all of her hair after stitching together all of those little strips!

Karen had an idea to make a modern Quilts of Valor quilt. She picked the fabrics and had Harriette put it together using our Mary's Bundle of Joy pattern. It is gorgeous! Subtle, masculine and modern, just like she envisioned. Yep, it's a good one!

So, here we are again, at next months' quilting project! The pattern is Gridlock and the fabrics are from Lida Enche's Painted Summer and September Light collections. I have mine on the cutting table, how about you?

Are you coming to Market Review? If you do, remember this word- Yosemite.

We'll tell you why when you get there!

Saturday, November 17, 10:00 am. If you don't come, you won't get the inside scoop!