Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspiration Leads to....

If you remember, the 2011 Shop Hop theme was A Quilter's Tour of Homes. AST was the greenhouse and the other shops were a coffee shop, a chicken coop, a school house, a fire house, a bird house, etc. The shop quilts inspired a lot of quilters to head home and  make their own! I received an e-mail from one of those quilters, Pat D., complete with photos of her version made from all of the shop blocks. It's gorgeous! 

Here's what she said in the e-mail: 

I stopped by yesterday to tell you about AST's influence on my version of the 2010 Shop Hop Quilt and you asked me to send a photo (since I couldn't enlarge the one on my phone).  Last year I was obsessed with house blocks and decided to make MY version of the 2010 Shop Hop Quilt.  When I saw the large display you had of "landscape" fabric, I challenged myself to make each house with fabric that looked like building material i.e. 'log cabin' schoolhouse, 'stone' castle, 'clapboard' church etc.  I bought fat quarters of most of these landscape fabrics at AST and went to work.  The attached photos are of my quilt hanging at the East Cobb Quilt Guild show in Marietta last September, my first entry ever!  Check out the center block, 3rd row down, it is my 'brick' house - the block was graphed for me by my quilting buddy.Thanks for the inspiration!

Pat D

Thank you, Pat, for sharing your beautiful quilt with us! 
If you make a quilt from the 2011 or the 2012 shop blocks, please share them with us! We'd love to see what you've created. :) 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's go to the Hop!

It's a "Day at the Fair" for the 2012 Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop! We all worked so hard to make sure that everything was ready when our doors opened this morning. Everything was. :) 
So, here's a little view of what the shop looks like all dressed up! 

Buckets of "paint" draw you to the solids area.

And be sure to look up- you never know what you'll find!

Why not whip up a new Spring outfit to wear to the fair?

Or a cozy pair of pyjamas? Or a sweet travel pillow and comfy quilt?

We have so many new quilt samples- This is "Oh, My Hex!" made from the Pam Kitty Morning line from Lakehouse Dry Goods. (Shameless plug here- this is my own pattern.)

Shenandoah made from Tanya Whelan's Karavan.

Suzette made this block from Minick & Simpson's Prairie Paisley II line from Moda.

Nancy Smith designed, pieced and quilted this beautiful bargello quilt! It is gorgeous.

Take 5 Deserves an Even Break is our "blue" ribbon favorite new quilt pattern!

Lots of beautiful quilts and clothes dot the store like bunting.

Bold and Beautiful is Laura's newest bundle pattern and it is available in our gift bags given to each customer! This is it hanging behind the Olive Ann trunk show.

Suzette made our shop hop quilt, Country Flair, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! 

So, what else would you find at a fair but goldfish in a bag? I'm writing the pattern for these cute goldfish- look for it soon!

You just can't beat Dr. Seuss, especially made up in cute pj's!

Don't you love these flowers? They are a trunk show from Daisy and Dell and we have the pattern at the shop so you can make your own!

If you need window treatments or baby bedding made, call Mindy from Stitches! (Come by for her business card.) She made this adorable ensemble for our half-crib in the novelty area!

Another great project from Daisy and Dell- the Big Bag! It would make a wonderful overnight bag for a child. 

Do come by and see the class quilt samples in our Handi Quilter studio! We have lots of fun classes coming up!

Everywhere you turn, there are more surprises!

The Big Zig made from Dear Stella's Heirloom line.

The Quilt Smart Lone Star quilt made from Silent Cinema by Jenean Morrison for Free Spirit. 

Two of our "blue" ribbon books- Another Bit of Schnibbles, by Carrie Nelson and String Quilt Revival, by Virginia Baker , both of which will be used for upcoming classes with Mary! Peeking out from under the table is Art Gallery's Poetica line!

The novelty area, because it's just fun.

The batik area is housing some fabulous trunk shows from Cleo's Designs and Aunties Two. You can see the amazing Aunties Two bags in the center of the photo.
I left work a little early to pop over to Quilts N' Fixin's to see their Dog Show! 

How sweet are these puppies in the window? 

Loved this bright and beautiful Hanging Gardens (Cozy Quilt Designs) quilt!

A cute little pup pincushion.

These Garden Patch cats are too cute to be chased by the dogs.

The Best of Show winners strut their stuff.

Also loved the Quilts N' Fixin's shop hop quilt. Look at that little paw! There were games to play and I tasted pineapple cotton candy for the first time. It was delish!

Yep, everyone was top dog today!

The 2012 Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop continues through Sunday. Stop on by and see us!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shop Hop Madness.

If you by chance come by the shop between now and oh, say, next Thursday, you might be greeted with a little bit of mess. Well, okay, a lot of mess. But that is what it takes to get ready for Shop Hop!

Things need to be polished and shined......

trunk shows need to be unpacked........

displays need to be created. You know the routine! It's a lot of work. But, we love it.
Have you ever wondered where we keep all of the things we use to decorate the shop? Did you know that I have my own room? I do. And it is rarely clean. Very rarely. 

See? However, I pretty much know where everything is. 

Pretty much.

I'm glad there is a door that closes. :)

The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop starts one week from tomorrow. We hope we'll see you there!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Classical Music (otherwise known as Strip Club) Show and Tell. ;)

 March came in like a lion this year, with a storm of fabulous quilts made by the Scarlet Strippers!

First up? Kris, of course! He's always in the front row and ready to show off his awesome quilts. Up top- marks the Spot made using the Stonehenge line. Love this quilt! The colors are really soft and pretty without being fussy. 

One of Kris' friends recently had a baby and he made this darling Scribbles quilt for her! What a lucky baby. 
This one is made from Adorn It's Long Live Vintage and Vintage Groove lines.

Lisa Marie proudly displays her beautiful American flag quilt! Without purple. 

Oh, no! A peeping Tom! This little guy stuck around all morning hoping beyond hope that we would let him in. Sorry, but the Stitch Lounge is no place for a lounge lizard like you! 

Linda's Marks the Spot using deep, dark chocolates. Yum, it's like a candy box filled with only the best kinds.  No raspberry creme-filled candy here.

She made this Northern Star Air Force quilt  for a family member. It is beautiful, Linda! 

Do you own an embroidery machine? Linda does, as you can see. Using Anita Goodesign's Prayer Garden software, she made this wall hanging in a jiffy! It's absolutely gorgeous. We have a sample hanging in the sewing center for you to see! Come by and you might just leave with an embroidery machine. :) 

Hmm, this patter looks familiar! I know, it's the quilt from our Beginning Quilting class! It looks awesome in black and white, Linda!

Welcome to Strip Club, Melody! She came to show off her very first quilt! Love all of those colors. :)

And a welcome, also, to Melody's friend, Karen! Another Karen? There were 5 total in the store at one point on Saturday! We're very popular. So is Karen's very first quilt! Lovely.

After being caught on video, Angie was a little hesitant to pop out from behind her Slide Show quilt. I tell you what, that September Light line has been a big hit at the shop! I think I might need to get some before it's all gone!

Don't you love this pillow? The pattern is from Pat Wys' Spotlight on Neutrals book! This is going to be on show for Shop Hop. Thank you, Angie, for allowing us to share it with everyone.

Jennifer has been busy assembling her Birds block of the month blocks! Her Goldfinch and Baltimore Oriole are perfection! Jennifer is going to be moving to Tennessee soon so Barb has been making her little gifts...

10 minute table runners! Every time Jennifer sets her table, she will think of her good friend that she met at AST! 

Rose made a colorful version of Marks the Spot! How cute is that? I like that little pop of black. 

Leslie's Marks the Spot with lots of black and orange! Gorgeous work 

Deanna's Marks the Spot was "king" of the show! It's really very striking. 

This is Liz's "Road to Tacoma" quilt. All of the fabrics were collected on a road trip she took with her daughter. There are fabrics from Texas, Arizona, California, Washington and, of course, Georgia! Such a great way to remember a fun trip.

Mary pinch hit for Lynn by showing off her Stashbuster's batik quilt! Look for some of Lynn's quilts to be hanging in the shop during Shop Hop!

Our own Cookie made a throw for her Marks the Spot and added a little pop of red to the mix! 

Sherrie is one of our favorite teachers here at AST.  Gift Boxes is the quilt that will be made for the Beginning Stripping class in May! If you've thought about joining us for Strip Club but aren't too sure about what we do, this is the class for you!!

Next month, join us as the Scarlet Strippers share their Paradise Found quilts! We used the Pomegranate Tonga Treat Strips for this gorgeous quilt. I cannot wait to see what everyone makes!